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It’s easy to report an error!

Introducing a new service that lets you report any errors you’ve found to the developers easier and faster.

Report an error

Have you encountered a problem? Sign in with your account and press “Report issue”  or press “Menu” > “Report an issue” directly in the game client. Depending on the category that your problem belongs to, the service will display required fields and help you locate the necessary data.

The most important files are marked with an asterisk* - using them, it’ll be much easier for us to fix the error.

What about my old reports?

We’ll continue to receive error reports on the forum until January 16th, from then that part of the forum will remain in read-only mode until February 13th.

After that, we’ll completely switch to the new service. Reports you’ve made on the forum won’t be lost, and we’ll definitely look through all of them.

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