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Update (Server update 16.12.2022 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

  • Fixed the bomb load of the Ju 188 A-2. It now has a payload of 6 x 250 kg SC250JA bombs. As it was before the incorrect change.
  • Fixed bug that caused part of the bushes and trees to allow AI to see through foliage.
  • BR-412 shell of SU-100 was replaced with BR-412B. 
  • Fixed cases where the P-40E-1 aircraft could not use all of its machine gun ammo in Stalingrad.
  • Fixed a bug that caused decorations of German helmets to disappear.
  • Added overalls to the customization of premium Axis tank squads in Berlin.
  • It is now impossible to mark enemies through smoke.
  • Fixed missing ammo for the Type 97 anti-tank rifle in Axis practice mode in the Pacific war campaign.
  • The upgrade set for the Fedorov machine gun has become identical to the Fedorov assault rifle:
    • increased the damage bonus;
    • increased the accuracy bonus;
    • added the recoil reduction bonus;
    • removed the speed of fire bonus;
    • removed the reloading speed bonus.
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