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New Campaign Levels

Introducing new levels for all Enlisted campaigns! New weapons, squads, armored vehicles and aircraft to reinforce your army.

Battle for Moscow | Level 39

Т-34 (1941)
T-34 (1941)

You could already enjoy all the advantages of the most mass-produced Soviet tank, and now you can get a better version with the noticeably more powerful F-34 cannon.

Pz.IV F2
Pz.IV F2

Also arriving is the German F2 model of the Pz.IV with the upgraded 75 mm KwK40 L/43 cannon, posing a threat even for the strongest Soviet tanks on this battlefield.

Invasion of Normandy | Level 39


One of the most dangerous American tank destroyers — excellent mobility and a powerful cannon. Making it much more dynamic than its previous model, the M10, its armor is thinner, but it makes up for this with fantastic speed and a fast turret drive, which the M10 sorely lacked. Expect to see the M18 making good use of the flanks.

Panzer IV/70(V)
Panzer IV/70(V)

Many would find it hard refusing to drive out this highly effective defensive machine! The IV/70(V) removes many of the vulnerabilities of its ancestor, the StuG, and can easily handle its main opponents, the shaky hands of which after five ricochets won't even be able to hit your silhouette!

Premium Squads | +100% experience

On the fields and beaches of Normandy you will meet elite squads composed of four assaulters and one engineer, already upgraded to rank 4 with the optimal perks, allowing you to hit your targets precisely and get back in line as quickly as possible.

The American squad is armed with the UD M42, a very accurate submachine gun with very little recoil. A favorite weapon of partisans all over Europe, it used 9mm ammo, which allowed members of various resistance groups to use captured German ammunition and not to rely on outside supplies.

The German assaulters can proudly boast the rare Italian TZ-45 submachine gun, invented and produced in occupied Northern Italy, the so-called "Republic of Saló". It has a 40-round magazine, decent rate of fire, and a higher kill rate than the Beretta M38, the ammunition of which is used by the TZ-45 as well!

Battle of Berlin | Level 37


The long-awaited prototype of the Degtyaryov hand-held machine gun system is finally in Enlisted! The impressive rate of fire and killing power of the 7.62 mm cartridge is in the hands of the most experienced machine gunners in the Red Army.

MG 15 c двойным магазином
MG 15 with double magazine

This unique weapon is packed with a specialized "Saddle-Drum" double magazine with a capacity of 75 rounds. The magazine rests across both sides of the gun, which consume ammunition in turn.

Premium Squads | +100% experience

Appearing in the suburbs and on the streets of Berlin are a couple of SPGs, much more modern and powerful than the ones you have seen before. The Soviet Union will impress with the SU-100 — with a substantially more powerful cannon than that of the previous SU-85.

This powerful 100mm gun is packed with explosives: any penetrating hit will cause a lot of damage! At the same time the reloading is very fast for such a caliber; a notable weakness of the 122mm guns. The frontal armor isn’t lacking either — it is literally one continuous inclined armor plate with the thickness of 75mm. Angle slightly and expect a lot of ricochets!

Germany's answer is the Jagdpanther — a Panther platform, a "Royal Tiger" cannon, and the same bulletproof forehead, but already 60-120mm thick! The vehicle, though larger than the SU-100, is very agile and perfectly turns on the spot, and with armor so effective it can almost negate many of the less powerful soviet cannons entirely from the front!

Battle of Tunisia | Level 36


The American strike aircraft armed with 12 deadly M8 rockets will become a monster not only against manpower, but also for armored vehicles of the Axis countries. It comes with numerous frontal 12.7mm machine guns, and is well protected from fighters by a couple of high caliber turrets. 

Fiat G.55
Fiat G.55

A universally powerful Italian fighter, boasting speed and agility good enough in each respect to counter any enemy if utilized effectively. Four 12.7mm machine guns, a 20mm cannon and two 100-kg bombs will let it terrorize the ground in between tearing up the skies. 

Premium Squads | +100% experience

A squad of four assaulters and an engineer arrive for the Allies. Armed with the Owen Mk 1, a rapid-fire Australian 9mm machine gun with a 33-round magazine.

On the other side of the barricades is a similarly configured Axis squad, but armed with the Erma EMP-36, an in-between for the EMP 35 and the popular MP 40. The magazine design provides a secure grip, which aids in quick reloading and horizontal recoil compensation.

Battle of Stalingrad | Level 30


The former Soviet army was previously using 50mm mortar rounds, but now it's time for more powerful ammunition: The BM-41 has a barrel diameter of 82 mm, which means that its weight and destructive power have increased considerably.

Kz 8 cm GrW 42
Kz 8 cm GrW 42

The Wehrmacht also raises its caliber: the 50mm Granatwerfer 36 is replaced by the compact but deadly Kz 8 cm GrW 42 with the much more powerful 80mm rounds.

Also keep in mind that in the High Caliber update all mortarmen will be equipped with smoke ammunition.

Premium Squads | +100% experience

On the narrow streets of Stalingrad heavy equipment is not very easy to handle, so mobility can be sacrificed in favor of impressive firepower. 

On the USSR side you can get the compact, but extremely powerful SU-76M. The 76mm cannon of this SPG is not terrifying by its caliber, but it impresses instead by a very fast reload, along with the vehicle also being highly compact and agile. You can easily change angle to focus on a new threat.

Germany responds with the thicker and larger in every sense Dicker Max experimental tank destroyer, which actually fought at Stalingrad! The Fat Max's 105mm gun is a danger to any enemy armored vehicle: from the BT-5 to the star of Stalingrad, the KV-1. And that's not to mention infantry too.

Both of these powerful vehicles however come with the same drawback — they’re open topped, so being left alone with no allied infantry cover will make them especially vulnerable to snipers, flametroopers and just nuts with a bayonet. Make sure to move up with your allied soldiers, or stay a ways away from the frontline, these cannons still work at longer ranges, so positioning at the front only makes these vehicles more vulnerable.

Pacific War | Levels 27-29

Our newest campaign will be receiving 3 new levels for each side at once in the High Caliber update, the most noteworthy are those flashes of fire on the horizon that promise to invoke terror for enemy infantry on the battlefield — the American flamethrower tank in the Pacific!

M3 Stuart с огнемётом
M3 Stuart with a flamethrower

A true All-Purpose Tank. The already familiar M3 Stuart has received a field modification by replacing the hull machine gun with a flamethrower, capable of instantly killing several squads of enemy infantry if they approach too closely from the front. 


The Japanese answer can't breathe fire, but it can swim! The Ka-Mi will sneak into places where the enemy doesn't expect to see tanks, and will greet it with three machine guns and a 37mm cannon. It's better not to bring this one directly to the frontline however: the armor won't hold up too well there.

The campaign will also be filled with new weapons, including one that will allow you to better face enemy armor: meet the AT Gunners II! In the US they're armed with the M9 Bazooka, a more powerful version of the M1 bazooka. And in Japan, they're armed with the Type 4 precision-guided anti-tank grenade launcher with a SIGHT!

The arsenal of small arms grows with the addition of the rapid-fire semi-automatic M1C Garand sniper rifle for the U.S., whereas Japan will be supplied with the SIG 1930 7.62mm submachine gun, which holds 50 rounds of ammunition in its magazine.

Premium Squads | +100% experience

The skies are well-protected! The U.S. puts the Australian Boomerang Mk.II into the sky with an excellent rate of fire from two 20mm Hispano Mk. II cannons and four 7.7mm machine guns and, most importantly, two 250-pound bombs! This plane is slightly slower than the Wildcat, but noticeably better armed and very agile.

Japan's Ki-61-I Hei fighter is a stronger and more biting competitor to its naval counterpart, the Zero. It is equipped with two 20mm MG 151 cannons and two 12.7mm Ho-103 machine guns. It also comes with two 100kg Type 94 bombs for any light threats on the ground.

Yet it's not just the aircraft that will mark this update! For those who prefer to not only shoot accurately and boldly while storming enemy forts, but also to think and act tactically, there are two engineering squads amongst the premium ones. Four engineers are included, each carrying an extra 40% of construction supplies and able to construct things one and a half times faster than their friends. Also, in their large backpacks there are three health kits, each one of which restores three times more health!

Engineers are armed with powerful semi-automatic rifles: the Allies have the Winchester G30M, a great replacement for the M1 Garand, and Japan has the rare Type Ko prototype, which is more deadly than the Type Otsu.

Get ready for the update, Commanders!

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