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High caliber: heavy machine guns!

It's time to announce one of the main new features of the upcoming High Caliber update. The terror of infantry, aviation and light armored vehicles — heavy machine guns (for every Enlisted campaign)!

Hit any target

Is it possible to be terrified by a machine gun? Oh yeah, with a 12.7 mm machine gun that can pierce through several enemy soldiers, tear the wings off an aircraft and even shred through the armor of a light tank or SPAAG. All this can be done at any point of the battlefield under the control of an infantryman.

This fearsome weapon will be available in gunner squads of any level and will be a very serious theat both in defense and siege.

Introduced during World War II, heavy machine guns proved to be so effective and multi-purpose that they remain almost unchanged in the service of many countries to this day! In Enlisted the US Army uses the legendary M2 Browning, the Japanese use the powerful Type 93, the Germans have put an airborne MG-131 into operation, and Soviet soldiers tear the enemy to shreds with the DShK!

This is a stationary weapon. Deploying it would require the skills of an engineer, but only those who are part of a gunner's squad! This is an important condition that gives you an extra reason to get such a class for your "boys with serious guns" squads.

Actually, heavy machine guns are not only about huge firepower, but they also have a few other advantages: they are noticeably stronger than light machine gun emplacements, overheat slower and cool faster during firing, and have better angle of fire.

Unlock the proper upgrade for your machine gunner squad, add an engineer to your squad and chaos the enemy's lines. Even many previously safe coverages will be easily smashed into the ground.

Get ready for the High Caliber!

Introducing a pre-order pack with premium gunner squads that include two engineers as well. Each is capable of deploying heavy machine guns — a great way to test a new weapon with a double experience bonus. Every squad member, including the engineers, uses an early MG 42 and a Fedorov machine gun as their personal weapons.

High Caliber Bundle includes:

  • "Battle of Moscow" - MG 42 early Squad
  • "Battle of Moscow" - Fedorov MG Squad
  • 600 Gold
  • Pre-order bonus: unique nickname decoration
  • Pre-order bonus: USSR portrait


Plus, if you purchase the pack before the update is released, you'll receive exclusive pre-order bonuses: 

Бонус предзаказа: Портрет «Стрелок с ДШК»
Pre-order Bonus: DShK Shooter Portrait
Бонус предзаказа: Декоратор ника «Пулемётная лента»
Pre-order Bonus: Machine Gun Ribbon nickname decorator

For Enlisted console players, these bonuses can be received by purchasing the pack after the update's release.

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