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During WWII, ‘Molotov cocktails’ were not the only weapon to bring flames to the battlefield. Most of the nations on both sides actively used a highly effective and much more dangerous weapon - the flamethrower. Even soldiers in bunkers prefered to be captured than being burnt alive.  

A soldier carrying a flamethrower would always be target number one for enemy fire. That’s why the Soviet ROKS flamethrower was made in the shape of a rifle, to protect the soldier from sniper bullets.

Now flamethrowers are coming to set fire to the battlefields of Enlisted!

Flamethrowers in Enlisted

The game mechanics shown in video are still work in progress

There will be different models of flamethrowers in Enlisted, with different volumes of fuel tanks, and distance of fire spray.

М2 (USA)


Flammenwerfer 35 (German)

Tank: 15 litres

Tank: 9 litres

Tank: 12 litres

Flamethrowers in Enlisted will be a weapon in special flamethrower squads to help you in different combat situations. Only one soldier with a flamethrower is required to hold the pass to the tactical point.

The incendiary mixture that ends up on the enemy soldier is much more dangerous than it burning on the ground. Howls and screams will let you know that your flame has reached the enemy! But beware - dangerous friendly fire is possible with the incendiary mixture, check your fire constantly.

A soldier, who is lucky enough to evade a direct hit, can smother any fire on their clothing, but this does take some time. The flame targeted on an enemy armored vehicle can severely obstruct it’s crew’s view.

Test the devastating flamethrower yourself in one of the upcoming Enlisted playtests. Stay tuned!

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