The dynamics of firearms in Enlisted

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7 July 2020

We’re gathering lots of feedback about weapon controls and constantly analysing it. We compared Enlisted weapons with actual firearms and decided to improve weapon dynamics   and advanced adjustments to make our weapon feel real. 

Here you can see a short presentation of the first tests, showing a firearm moving in recoil and whilst swapping the aiming direction.

The cornerstones of the new system have become the dynamics of the weapon and highly realistic shooting. To achieve this result, we developed a physical model of the movement of weapons with 6 degrees of freedom.

The transition from a model with 3 degrees of freedom opens up more precise possibilities for adjusting the behavior, recoil and movement of weapons in the hands of a soldier, it also allows us to create a result that is closest to reality. In dynamics, a firearm feels better as an object that has mass.

Previously, a weapon moved in whilst held from recoil, as well as from the fighter’s movement and these fluctuations were perfectly compensated for by the system. In the new system you can observe such effects as residual fluctuations of the weapon and compensation in recoil.

In addition, the updated model will allow us both to add new sources of weapon movement to the calculation, and to complicate the physical model of weapon behavior itself. For example, even such an insignificant detail as the impulse of the bolt affecting the recoil both in reality and in our updated system.