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“Maneuver warfare” pack

To test real-world combat, command is sending you new equipment — premium squads with unique tanks for the Pacific Front: the M8 Greyhound for the U.S. and the Type 97 Chi-Ha for Japan.

Each vehicle has real advantages: it will not only speed leveling up in the Pacific war campaign, but also become a powerful unit capable of granting victory to the team.

The ‘Maneuver warfare’ pack includes

  • A premium U.S. tank squad + M8 Greyhound armored vehicle + 300 Gold.
  • A premium Japanese tank squad + Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank + 300 Gold.

$29.99 | Purchase

M8 «Greyhound»
M8 «Greyhound»

The first fully wheeled armored vehicle in the Pacific with an impressive dynamic performance — top speed of up to 90 km/h on the road and about 40 km/h off-road. It is compact, fast and pretty survivable due to the 4-person crew. Protection is up to the mark: the frontal turret aspect can withstand even heavy machine guns.

Armament is quite serious — a 37mm M6 gun, just as good as many armored vehicles from the U.S. in the Pacific right now. It is equipped with a 7.62 mm Browning and on the roof for the commander is a 12.7 mm Browning that is equally effective against infantry, light vehicles and aircraft.

The M8 is best used by constantly maneuvering and changing positions to take advantage of the tank gun from the most unexpected places to attack.

Type 97 Chi-Ha
Type 97 Chi-Ha

A true heavyweight compared to any armored vehicle currently available for Japan.

The Chi-Ha medium tank carries from 25mm to 35mm armor plates in a ring and confidently holds up against merciless Brownings from the American M13 anti-aircraft gun. And even if the armor gets penetrated, you have a large enough crew of 4 tankers.

You can respond to any attack with a 57mm cannon. Another record among all presented "Japanese" vehicles — equally effective against infantry and against enemy armored vehicles.

For light targets there is a 7.7mm machine gun. The tank, in general, has no obvious disadvantages, so you can act in the Chi-Ha on the front line, and shoot targets from the maximum distance with a more powerful cannon. The main thing is not to forget about enemy bombers.

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