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Q&A: The Mod Editor

Salute, commanders! We’ve gathered a new set of the most interesting questions from the community and brought them to the developers to help you get the best answer possible.

— Should mod authors expect some sort of rewards and fame?

For sure! We appreciate your input and admire your creativity. We're planning both mod-related activities and rewards for talented mod authors. One of which is an exclusive portrait of an engineer. We'll soon send it to authors who were previously listed in our digests. Further, we will give portraits to any new ones whose missions prove to be the best.

Next, we'll be expanding the editor's functionality, creating some new rewards for authors, and looking into the possibility of events based on user-generated missions.

Gunther's up to something..
Gunther's up to something..

— Currently it's possible to upload your own content, but is there any way to make it work for all users in the online game? (Question)

Such a feature is planned in the future.

— Do you plan to allow smoothing or flattening the surface with a brush?

Not at the moment, but we do plan to add additional brush modes for terraforming, including smoothing, flattening, as well as a square brush.

— How can I make ships shoot at the shore on the map, like on the D-Day map?

You need to create ship_gun_105mm and turret_105_skc_32, and these will be shooting. You can go further and customize their settings, so you can disable their ability to shoot, change target, alter survivability, etc.

— Is there any way to customize fighter settings (speed, damage, health points, etc.) and still have them work in online games? (Question)

We want to introduce this feature, but there are some technical difficulties regarding its implementation right now, so in the short term, this feature is questionable.

— Will you bring back content from different events ("Unknown War" and "Modern Conflict")?

Most unlikely unfortunately. We are forced to remove such content to avoid a massive growth in the game's client size.

— Does Item_Spawner work and is it possible to set it up to spawn certain objects?

Yeah, it does and it is! Simply click on the + sign next to the spawnItemList in the object properties and select object in the new window. After that you will need to click on + again, but next to spawnItemList[0] and select integer, and write count in the field. Then confirm and click again on the same plus sign, but now select text, and write templ in the field. All that's left is to set up count and templ, where the first is the quantity and the second is the object to be created. 

— Is it possible to enable item spawning if they are taken or destroyed? (Question)

It's not possible at the moment, but we are working on a trigger system, and it will include trigger_spawner. It will allow you to specify object spawn by event or by time.

— Is it possible to disable some objects' destruction or change their health points? (Question) - (Question)

Yes, this feature appeared in the editor along with the Pacific war update! The object has a new property ri_extra__overrideHitPoints, it allows you to set a certain amount of health or disable object destruction entirely.

— How to make players spawn as allies in squads mode, as it is currently implemented in the Lone Fighters mode?

Well, that would require changing the respawn point properties, more specifically turning on respbase__team_spawn.

— Do you plan to have a sprayer or texture brushes to edit map textures? (Question) - (Question)

Yes, such a feature is planned for the future.

— Why are spawnpoints created in the gray area?

It’s likely that you’ve set the wrong strategic point settings. Maybe you’ve used the wrong command or forgot to change the capzone__createRespawnBase property parameter from respawnBaseOnCapturePoint to respawnBaseGroupActivator.

— Is it possible to do something with the AI_convoy_vehicle object?

Not at the moment sadly, it has no functionality right now.

Questions answered by players:

— How do I make GunGame mode on my map? (Question)

Answer. Create a gun_game_mode_logic object, where you can configure the number of levels, the number of kills to go to the next level and the items you want to use. After that, it would be nice to create two more objects custom_profile (for players) and custom_bot_profile (for bots) and in their properties prescribe enl/globals/data/gun_game_profile.json.

— How to add objects from other campaigns on my map? (Question) - (Question)

Answer. First, create a game_rendinst or game_rendinst_decor object and then change its ri_extra_name property. A list will appear and it has almost all game objects in it.


Soon we will continue to publish digests and will further increase our interaction with authors. Thank you for your hard work!

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