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Making Enlisted a Better Place №26

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.

Supporting fire from your transport

A moving vehicle, car, motorcycle, or even a boat will no longer be a perfect target for your enemies: each AI-controlled squad member will be able to choose their own individual aims and targets and shoot back from the vehicle while it's in motion!

One more thing to remember — in the "Pacific war" update we've implemented the ability to simultaneously control vehicles and fire on behalf of one of the passengers — switch from the driver to any soldier, and arrange a crazy safari together with your squad mates!

Strengthen your transport

Your vehicles became noticeably more survivable too! Engine durability has been improved, and even in case of critical damage the engine will not jam, but will catch fire, allowing you time to get to shelter.

Once you get somewhere safe, you'll be able to fix the vehicle! The main thing is for your soldier to pack a vehicle repair kit, just like the one tank crews carry with them. Stock up! Not only will it be useful for repairing your vehicles, but it will also help your allied tank crew member occasionally and give you experience for it.

Wheels have also been added to the vehicle damage model. Their damage and destruction will worsen the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle and its maneuverability.

Please accept this gift

On September 24th we faced prolonged DDoS attacks on our servers. You may have noticed its consequences in the form of lagging in battles, lack of ability to enter the game or connect to the battle, and no access to game services.

It's impossible to be completely protected from attacks of this kind — all servers and projects are vulnerable to them. The only difference is the effectiveness in deterring them by expanding the channel bandwidth, and we have significantly increased it for Enlisted. During the DDoS counteraction period we have moved the game servers to data centers with wider bandwidth and distributed the load.

This process has a downside — a noticeable increase in the cost of supporting such servers, the number and bandwidth of which is excessive in "peacetime", but must be paid for. Since the start of the attacks and every day thereafter, Enlisted servers have cost us 3 times more than usual. But we have not hesitated to take this step in order to return you to a more comfortable game, and we will do it again if necessary.

Final result. We're staying in those (expensive) data centers and keeping much wider channels in reserve, to which, if necessary, we can switch more quickly than we did during the past attacks.

For sure, we want to say thank you very much for your support and understanding. From now on, when the game has been stable for a long time, we want to show our appreciation to our players:

  • Extended premium account:
    • + 1 day added to the time of premium accounts active at the time of the attacks (from 24th of September till 29th of September);
    • + 1 day for each day that a player with an active premium account logged into Enlisted between September 24th and September 29th.

If a premium account has expired since the time of the attacks, the bonus time will be issued and activated anyway.

  • Booster +100% for 3 battles
    • Received by all players who logged into Enlisted at least one day between September 24 and September 29. Issued upon logging into the game before October 26.

The gift will be issued to the mentioned players within 24 hours of this news publication.

We appreciate your feedback!

Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!

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