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“Invasion of Normandy”: Soldiers and weapons

Continuing the series of devblogs for the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign. We have already talked about the battlefields and now it is time to introduce you to the participants in the battles.

The appearance of the soldiers is an important detail in Enlisted. On the beaches of Normandy we will meet the soldiers of those divisions that actually took part in this historic battle. We are also paying attention to their weapons. In the following text you will see descriptions of some of the squads and also examples of their equipment that you are able to use during battle.


101st Airborne Division, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment 4th Infantry Division, 47th Infantry Regiment 2nd Ranger Battalion, Company С
On the night before the landing, Pathfinders for this division were parachuted behind enemy lines for reconnaissance before the large-scale Allied landing operation. The first US infantry division to land in Normandy (Utah Beach). The 4th infantry division commander Theodore Roosevelt jr, the son of the 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt personally participated in the landing along with his soldiers. Participated in the storming of Omaha Beach, D-Day’s bloodiest landing zone. It was the first allied force to reach a sea dam close to German bunkers in the Dog Green sector having lost half of its troops.

M1A2 Carbine — a modification of the American semi-auto rifle, featuring adjustable sight to significantly increase fire efficiency. This sight was installed on a limited number of carbines.

M1928A1 — the Thompson submachine gun with a 100 round feed drum! The advantages with this type of ammo feed was obvious in long firefights, regardless of the increased weight and reduced comfort in use.

M9 Bazooka — an anti-tank grenade launcher with advanced M6A3 grenades. Allows the use of M10 phosphorus ammunition, extremely efficient against enemy infantry.


77th Infantry Division, 177th Feldgendarmerie-Trupp

91st Infantry Division, 1058th Grenadier Regiment

2nd Parachute Division, 23rd Parachute Regiment
Eastern front veterans. This division was formed out of experienced soldiers and officers. Initially trained and equipped as a paratroop division to take part in the Scandinavian operation Tanne Ost. After the operation was cancelled, the division was moved to the front as an infantry division. The Squadron took part in battles in Italy and on the Eastern front. On June 6, it was based in the Karentan area where it entered into battle with soldiers of the 101st US Airborne Division.

MP 35/I — a modification of the MP 35 submachine gun with a longer barrel to provide higher initial bullet speed, in comparison to the basic model.

MKb.42 (H) — a development from the Haenel company, an early prototype of the first serial assault rifle in the world — the StG 44. Features a mount for ZF-41 optics.

Sturmpistole — the most quintessential modification of a German signal pistol, featuring a special sight and a folding stock. This pistol was able to fire Panzerwurfkörper 42 anti-tank grenades!

This is a tiny part of weapons and equipment in development for the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ campaign. Stay tuned for the upcoming devblog about US and German armored vehicles!

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