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The new season of the Battle Pass!

This season is, literally, created by you, with dozens of suggestions and requests. We are also continuing to develop the system of military ranks — even more benefits from successful battles and additional incentives to not desert in battles.

The new season starts on October 5th and here is what you can expect to get there!

The new season's main rewards

ПП Шпитального 1940 (СССР) | Берлин, Москва, Сталинград
PP by B. Shpitalny, 1940 (USSR) | Berlin, Moscow, Stalingrad

A submachine gun designed by B. Shpitalny. It features a noticeably larger magazine capacity of 97 rounds (compared to the 72 rounds found in the magazine of its direct competitor, the PPD).

MKb.42(W) (Германия) | Нормандия, Берлин, Сталинград
MKb.42(W) (German) | Moscow, Normandy, Berlin, Stalingrad

This modification of the famous Walther carbine was in direct competition with the Haenel MKb.42(H) and only lost due to the higher cost and complexity of its production. In practice, the (W) version has noticeably less vertical recoil. An important advantage!

M1E5 (США) | Нормандия, Тихий океан
M1E5 (USA) | Normandy, Pacific

This is a compact and lightweight carbine based on the M1 Garand. This version features more controllability at the expense of slightly reduced damage, but reloads noticeably faster.

Type Hei Rifle Extended (Япония) | Тихий океан
Type Hei Rifle Extended (Japan) | Pacific

The balanced Type Hei rifle with a simple but desirable improvement: a higher-capacity magazine! Specifically, 10 rounds instead of 5, which adds a lot to its overall usability.

12 новых уникальных солдат для каждой кампании и страны
12 new unique soldiers for each campaign and country
6 экземпляров бронетехники и авиации в эксклюзивном оформлении
6 special armored vehicles and aircraft in a unique camouflage
Набор портретов выдающихся генералов Второй мировой войны
A set of portraits featuring outstanding WWII generals

Rank Rewards

Each step along the line of personal ranks will not only be a way to show those around you how experienced you are as a commander, but will now bring a reward for each new rank you reach.

Your army's supply stacks will be replenished with a variety of orders, including Appearance Change Orders, various items from the season rewards line, and even a Gold Soldier Order. 20 rewards for 20 ranks. You'll find a full list of rewards in the ranks window when the new season starts.

Don't forget that as the season updates, your rating points will be reset to the value indicated in the rank window. At the start of the new season, you will receive rewards for each rank you kept after the reset.

Hail the Marshals

The achievements of the most active and most effective Enlisted commanders will be recognized separately: those who have reached the rank of Marshal will receive a set of portraits of famous WWII generals for the next 120 days.

Your wishes for rewards are granted!

You've sent us numerous wishes for more Appearance Change Orders and we’ll happily honor this request. The number of such orders among the rewards of the upcoming Battle Pass season has increased 9-fold.

Use them to buy new customization items for your armies in Stalingrad and the Pacific, or save them until customization elements are added to the other campaigns in the game.

Also included in the Battle Pass rewards are orders for vehicle upgrades. You can use these to unlock any level for your favorite aircraft or tank.

One last chance

As we warned with the start of the current season, we'll be cleaning up and removing the oldest goods from the logistics store.

Removed from the store:

  • Unique Moscow and Normandy soldiers: Peter Lihanov (assaulter), Karl Kortz (assaulter), Walter Ehmers (assaulter), and Heinz Kollmann (assaulter).
  • Moscow and Normandy weapons: Berdan No. 2 rifle, Gewehr 1888, M1903 Springfield (Pedersen device), Schmeisser MK36.III.

If you were planning on picking one of these up, you'd better do it by the 12th of October!

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