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Twitch Drops to celebrate the major “Pacific Ocean” update!

Soldiers! We have prepared several sets of Twitch Drops for you to give you an edge on the new Pacific front! Watch streams from your favorite streamers dedicated to Enlisted and get some trophies!

The following rewards can be obtained by watching streams from September 23rd (UTC 13:00) until September 26th (UTC 13:00):

Axis: Tickets for a special engraved Type 14 in the Pacific Ocean campaign 

Allies: Tickets for a special engraved S&W M1917 in the Pacific Ocean campaign

*4 tickets are required for 1 weapon

Rewards for watching streams from October 7th (UTC 13:00) until October 10th (UTC 13:00):

Allies: Tickets for a camouflaged M2A4 tank in the Pacific Ocean campaign

Bronze orders for weapons and soldiers

*5 tickets are required for the tank

Rewards for watching streams from October 14th (UTC 13:00) until October 17th (UTC 13:00):

Axis: Tickets for the unique soldier Hiroo Onoda in the Pacific Ocean campaign

Silver orders for weapons and soldiers

*5 tickets are required for the unique soldier


What are Twitch Drops?

These are game rewards for stream viewers on Twitch.

You mean I can get something in Enlisted?

Yep! The longer you watch Enlisted streams, the more rewards you’ll get.

Awesome! What do I need to do to be able to get the rewards?

You need to link Gaijin and Twitch accounts:

  • Sign up or enter your Twitch account details on the website.
  • Enter the information from your Gaijin account you are playing Enlisted with on this page and click the “Link” button.

ATTENTION! If you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox, click on the appropriate icon below without entering any data into the blank fields!

  • Press the “Allow” button!

What broadcasts do I need to watch to be able to earn rewards?

Watch Enlisted streams marked “Drops enabled!”.

How do I know that I have received a reward?

You will receive a reward message on the Twitch broadcast page. Once you see it, you will need to click on the “Get” button. You can also do this in your Drops inventory.

ATTENTION! You can only earn rewards during the Twitch Drop campaigns — until September 26th (13:00 GMT), until October 10 (13:00 GMT)  and until October 17th (13:00 GMT) respectively.

Which platforms are rewards available for?

Rewards are available for everyone who plays Enlisted on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

How do I enable Drops on my channel if I’m a streamer?

In short, participate in our Partnership Program, enable Drops in your settings and stream Enlisted:

ATTENTION! We want each active and passionate Enlisted streamer to find a new audience thanks to Twitch Drops. As such, in no way do we encourage streamers who create their streams only for “farming” Drops using third party content, video clips and any other format that doesn’t include their direct participation with the game. Channels with such content will be disconnected from Drops.

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