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Update ( - Xbox, - PlayStation®)

Enlisted has been updated and is ready to please you with a whole bunch of significant and long-awaited improvements.

Weapon characteristics from the Battle for Stalingrad campaign are now included in all other campaigns. Get bolt-action rifles, as their killing power has noticeably increased, and semi-automatic rifles are now more rapid-fire. Submachine guns are better suited for close-range combat, and it has become more difficult to control the dispersion at long range. 

Every battle you take part in will also be more enjoyable with better animations, as we've added switching positions for lying down and getting up, as well as more realistic jumps, so you'll definitely feel the weight of your soldier and his gear!

The behavior of your soldiers will also please you. AI-soldiers are more willing to capture points, make fewer unnecessary movements, react more actively to opponents and better track them in battle.

Below you will find a complete list of changes with new missions, game mechanics and other improvements.


  • In all campaigns except Battle of Stalingrad the damage of bolt-action rifles has been increased by 50-60% (except De Lisle Commando carbine). This increase will make bolt-action rifles similar in effectiveness to those in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Weapon stats from the “Battle for Stalingrad” campaign have been transferred into all the other campaigns.
  • Increased the rate of fire of most semi-automatic rifles for the rifle ammo from 200 to 320 rpm.
  • Rifles, submachine guns and assault rifles have recoil rate increased by 15-50%, recoil impulse shifted to the right.
  • Increased recoil control for submachine guns and assault rifles.
  • The rate of fire of the ZH-29 was reduced from 420 to 320 rpm.
  • Kill counts with PzB-38 and PzB 39 now go to the same category as anti-tank grenade launchers.
  • Changed aim angle limits for stationary machine guns:
    • MG 34 — from -30°/+30° to -26°/+26° for horizontal aiming angles and from -7°/+10° to -7°/+9° for vertical aiming angles;
    • Maxima — from -30°/+50° to -30°/+30° for horizontal aiming angles;
    • Browning M1919A4 — from -30°/+45° to -30°/+30° for horizontal aiming angles.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to transfer Sniper AVS-36 to the Battle of Berlin campaign.


  • Now free view ("C" for PC) is available for operators of the anti-aircraft gun and the tank commander who looks out of the hatch.
  • Now tankers can extinguish burning fire on the hull of the vehicle even before the fire spreads to the internal modules of the vehicle.
  • Added reward for extinguishing fires on allied vehicles.
  • Toolkit now allows you to repair vehicles once and extinguish fire up to three times (even after using repair tools). Previously extinguishing was not limited, but kits disappeared after repair.
  • Added a co-pilot to Mosquito aircraft.
  • Motorcycles now have working speedometers.
  • Added the ability to change the selected ammo type in the tank during the reload process without the loader ability, but the reload progress will be reset.
  • Added a hint about acceleration or deceleration of reload. For example, if a crew member has an ability that speeds up the  reloading of the gun.
  • Tank guns reload faster if there’s a loader in the vehicle.
  • Tank guns no longer reload automatically if there's no loader or anyone performing the duties of a loader in the vehicle. 
  • Now loader's perks are used by the soldier who performs the duties of a loader (gunner in case the loader is absent).
  • A loader can no longer continue loading a gun when looking out of the hatch.
  • Loader's abilities now work with autocannons as well.
  • Added transparency of the lead indicator under G-forces.
  • Optimized game performance while flying.


  • Updated the appearance of the Allied squads in the Battle of Tunisia campaign: No. 3 Group RAF, No. 23 Squadron.
  • Updated the appearance of the Allied squads in the Invasion of Normandy campaign: 361st Fighter Group, 375th Fighter Squadron.
  • Updated appearance of the Allied squads in the Battle of Berlin campaign: 5th Infantry Division, 54th Pioneer Battalion.
  • Improved textures and display of poncho details on the Axis soldiers.


  • Improved the AI-soldiers' behavior during point capture. Soldiers now try to enter the capture zone if they are close to it.
  • AI-soldiers are now less likely to lie down as well as less likely to spin around.
  • AI-soldiers are now better at detecting and tracking enemies. 
  • AI-soldiers now use bridges to cross water obstacles and stay out of the water if possible.
  • AI-soldiers in the Destruction mode are now spread out next to bombs to protect them.
  • Improved the AI-soldiers' behavior on the train. For example, they now react better to enemies.

Game mechanics

  • Added the ability to create password-protected rooms in the "Custom Matches" mode. Ability is available when Premium account is active.
  • Added animations for switching positions for lying down and getting up.
  • Added inertia when moving into a lying position while running.
  • Removed the ability to aim while switching to the lying position and when standing up.
  • Removed ability to instantly switch to sprint from lying position.
  • Changed animation of third-person soldiers: now their weapons are at hip level and rise when aiming.
  • Changed jump animation: now before the jump and after the jump a soldier squats a little and puts his hands with the gun down.
  • During jumping, there is an increase in the dispersion when firing the weapon.
  • Added increased weapon dispersion when changing body position and during jumping.
  • Reduced speed of changing pose.
  • Due to changes in the mechanics of changing the body position, the "speed of changing pose" skill bonus has been changed from +150% to +50%.
  • Improved leg animation when using anti-tank guns.
  • Added automatic deactivation of free view mode when using binoculars.
  • AFK-timer now works in the respawn menu as well: if a player is inactive, they will be disconnected after 3 minutes.
  • Improved the performance of the auto-equip button. In particular, the mechanics better takes into account the unusual weapons in the hands of a soldier and does not tend to replace it with ordinary copies.
  • Added ability to assign quick throws of different grenades to one button.
  • Removed the ability to replenish the ammunition of guns with the engineer controlling the gun at that moment.
  • Removed the ability to use a radio to call for artillery while in the water and while overcoming obstacles.
  • Removed the ability to interact with a mined object in the Destruction mode while you are under it.
  • Xbox: Added the ability to pass leadership in the squad.

Graphics and Interface

  • The DLSS library has been updated to version 2.4.
  • In the Logistics screen, the "!" sign has been replaced by "New Offer".
  • The squad icon now displays a triangle icon if a new ability is available, a plus icon if a new soldier is available, and a box icon if a new weapon is available.
  • Reduced the number of sessions with rainy weather.
  • Added a small amount of drips on the screen when you raise your head up during rain to make it more atmospheric.
  • Improved the display of puddles when it rains.
  • Added lighting from a lightning discharge near the player.
  • Added visual display of a series of lightning strikes.
  • Lightning strikes synchronized between clients.
  • While digging, if there are any objects or vehicles nearby, the player will see a prompt "Digging is blocked by nearby objects".
  • Added special visual effects when digging different types of ground.
  • Removed effect of dust rising when crawling.
  • Removed the smokescreen effect for driver and passenger when motorcycle is on fire.
  • Fixed weapons darkening while running close to the wall.
  • Improved display of shadows on low settings.
  • Optimized the effect of the menu interface on the performance of the game, as well as added hints on the availability of new items and categories of items to the Logistics and Campaign menu interface.
  • Optimized and improved the interaction of volumetric fog with objects.
  • Optimized the visualization of the appearance of the bomb crater.

Missions and locations

  • A new mission was added to the Battle for Moscow campaign — Birch Grove (Confrontation).
  • A new mission was added to the Invasion of Normandy campaign — Omer (Confrontation).
  • A new mission was added to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign — Gogol street (Confrontation).
  • A new mission was added to the Battle of Tunisia campaign — Al Har (Confrontation). 
  • A new mission was added to the Battle of Berlin campaign — Königsplatz (Confrontation).
  • Updated battle zones in missions Airfield (Invasion), Airfield (Destruction), Airfield (Assault), Le Bre East (Invasion), Le Bre West (Invasion), Omer North (Invasion), Omer South (Invasion), D-Day (Invasion), Manor (Assault), Manor (Conquest), Vysokovo Village West (Invasion), The Voskhod settlement West (Invasion).
  • Changed Farmhouse point geometry in La Perelle Village (Invasion) mission in Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Changed Railroad Gun point geometry in the Ruins of Vaux (Invasion) and Swamps of Reviers (Conquest) missions in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Changed Tiergarten point geometry in Hermann Goering strasse (Conquest) and Hermann Goering strasse (Invasion) missions in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Changed the respawn point locations in missions Vysokovo Village West (Invasion), The Voskhod settlement West (Invasion), Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion), Werbig station (Invasion).
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck at respawn points in missions Al Har West (Invasion) and Gare de Saint-Lo North (Invasion).
  • Corrected resupply points for aircraft in the Fortress (Invasion) mission of the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some cameras in respawn points in the Battle of Tunisia campaign to be turned sideways.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to build a rally point in some houses in the Battle for Moscow campaign.

Mission editor

  • Added ability to generate paths (NavMesh) for AI-soldiers in mods.
  • The transform component in the Property panel is now updated directly while an object is moving, which allows you to visually adjust coordinates.
  • Added useful tooltips for buttons in Toolbox.
  • If the editor is active and time flow is enabled, the camera does not move to the appeared soldier.
  • Added a Within button in the Toolbox/RendInsts panel that allows you to select all RI models inside the bounding box of the selected RI models, for example, all RI models inside the RI house model.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating large maps with trees and bushes.
  • Added detailed descriptions for game_rendinst, game_rendinst_decor and scenery_remover templates.
  • Enbake was added to the Toolbox/RendInsts panel to hide transform boxes for created or baked RI models.
  • Now, when selecting a model for RI models, the Cancel button returns the original model, and simply closing the dialog will save the last selected model.
  • Added translucency when displaying the obscured part of the terraforming brushes and the transform box of the scenery_remover object.
  • Added temporary activation of time flow when removing trees and bushes through terraforming and removing RI models.
  • Fixed update of shadows for RI-models placed in mod editor at medium distance.
  • Added a hint that [generated] objects are never saved to the scene file.
  • Fixed non-functional hotkeys (Ctrl+Alt+R, Ctrl+Alt+T).
  • Now you can make screenshots with game facilities (via PrintScreen key).
  • Fixed bug, because of which not all RI-models on the level could be selected and removed.
  • Added automatic selection of all baked RI-models when Unbake, so they can be moved immediately.
  • Added Reset rotation button to reset object tilt and to align object to coordinate axes when the button is pressed again. Added orthonormalization for Reset scale button when clicking it again.
  • Added an option to select, unbake, bake and clone RI doors.
  • Fixed "Sandbox Config" window reloading when you change parameters in it.


  • Fixed a bug that caused built sandbags to be instantly destroyed by grenades hitting them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the marking on enemy buildings and vehicles to be deleted when reaching the limit of normal marking.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the progress of severe wound treatment to reset when changing soldiers.
  • The error which caused the loss of the weapon with optics after a soldier's death was corrected.
  • Fixed the bug which caused the turret rotation angle for external observers to not correspond to the real one.
  • Fixed bug of missing loader for M14/41 tank.
  • Fixed an error which caused crew members of M14/41 tank to have problems with abilities "Change shell type without loss of reload progress" and "Improved aiming skills of tank gun".
  • Fixed lack of accelerated reloads of engineer-built guns with a loader.
  • Fixed errors in sights of tanks StuG III F, M4A3E2, M24, T-34-85, M4A2 (76) W, M4A1 (76) W.
  • Fixed an error which caused the wheels of the engineer's gun to keep rotating when stuck against an obstacle.
  • Fixed the bug which caused the tank crew not to be able to move to the loader's position.
  • Fixed an error which allowed extinguishing and repairing vehicles at the same time.
  • Now it is impossible to heal and repair vehicles at the same time.
  • Fixed the bug of the enemy hit camera not always appearing on the tanks with several guns.
  • Fixed the bug, which sometimes caused the missiles on the tanks to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug of incorrect display of exploded vehicles after reconnecting into session.
  • Fixed the error of the incorrect display of the selected grenade icon when the player used TNT.
  • Fixed an issue where underbarrel grenade launchers could flicker.
  • Fixed an issue with brass pistol shells being ejected from shotgun shells.
  • Fixed display of trailing blood sprays on surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug that caused freezes when digging trenches.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bushes not to be destroyed when digging a trench under them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused lying weapons to remain hanging in the air when digging a hole under them. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to look under the ground if you dig a deep hole on the surface with water in the Battle of Normandy campaign.
  • Now when using bipods and stationary machine guns the soldier's feet don't fall through the floor or the ground.
  • Fixed the message "can't resupply resources" when clicking on the resource box in the engineer training mission.
  • Fixed a glitch that occurred when trying to start training after playing Squad mode.
  • Fixed errors that could sometimes cause the amount of resources in the ammo drawer to become negative:
    • when replenishing ammunition for a mortar;
    • when replenishing ammunition while the player has more than one weapon;
    • when replenishing ammunition while the player has a weapon with both empty and incomplete magazines.
  • The message "you cannot replenish ammunition from an enemy ammo box" will no longer be displayed if at least one player's weapon has been replenished.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to replenish mortar ammunition to the maximum even from a nearly empty ammo box.
  • Fixed an error which caused the distance to allied constructions to be displayed while using the mortar.
  • Fixed the bug which made it impossible to replenish the ammo of trophy weapons from the enemy's ammo box if the weapon was in the second slot.
  • Added ability to open doors in Tutorial mode.
  • Fixed the overlapping of battle zone borders after changing a battle zone, for example after a point capture.
  • In the table of battle totals the incorrect display of the experience gained with active premium account and booster was fixed.
  • Corrected the error that the hint about the possibility to speed up the beginning of the battle was displayed when the option "Join any team" was on. Now this hint is displayed only if the player has selected one side.
  • Fixed incorrect cursor behavior on premium squad and full campaign access windows.
  • Fixed the display of the number of selected items in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the listing of campaigns in events to collapse when switching the active event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shimmering fog to appear indoors while fogging outdoors.
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