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Mods Digest: Fully Armed Once Again!

We continue to review the most interesting missions from our talented creators in Enlisted mods!

Thanks to the mod editor in the Burning Sky update, Enlisted has become an infinitely expandable game, and now you can create a unique mission or even a new location yourself, using thousands of environment objects from all of the game's campaigns.

Wild West by FACE_TAC_2

If you didn’t have enough of the recent “Fully Armed” event, here’s some good news: the talented authors from the Enlisted community are already making their own versions of this dynamic mode and the results are quite impressive!

The rules stay the same: you receive a starting weapon and together with your teammates begin to decimate the enemy team. Kills let you unlock new stages, and each new stage comes with a new weapon that grows more and more difficult to wield. 

The author created a very good Wild West styled arena for this mode. The battles happen on the same level, there’s a central street for long range gunfights, alleys between the houses for guys with knives and entrances to the houses for the campers who nobody likes (so let them stay inside).

The UI of the event has been retained, but that’s the only thing that’s been copied from it. The list of weapons, as well as the kill requirements for different stages, are notably different.

Some advice for room creators: set the participant limit to about 16-20 players. That’ll make the battle dynamics the most comfortable.

Château le Boscq by FACE_TAC_2

Same mode, same author, different map. Bullseye once again: Château le Boscq is three stories of fun.

Most of the action will naturally happen in the main guest hall, but there are eight ways for the enemy to get here. Holding RMN-50, for example.

Battle on the Somme by kucho01

The authors just can’t get the atmosphere from the hardest battles of WWI out of their heads. And we’re okay with that, since their works about this subject look fantastic!

Field, covered with craters, knee-deep dirt, barbed wire and no vehicles. The map design is superb: lots of cover, both natural and man-made. There are lots of trenches covering the battle area, and the strategic points are very strategic indeed: the heights and the most advantageous defensive positions.

Five points, huge scale in the battle and an impressive attention to detail. What detail is there in the open field, you ask? Try it out and see for yourself.

Launch the Missions

Every one of you can create your own mission, as well as launch any mission from the portal. Here’s a quick reminder how to launch one of  these multiplayer missions.

  1. Choose a mission you like on the Enlisted sandbox portal and press COPY URL on its page.
  2. In the game, open mode selection (above the START button) and choose “Custom matches”.
  3. Press “Create Game” -> “Mods” and paste the URL you’ve previously copied.

Now you only need to customize the options, and you’re good to go — your server is in the list. Tell your friends to come, wait for other players to join or play by yourself.

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