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Operation “Silent Hunter”

Disrupt enemy supply chains, undermine their morale and deliver a crushing blow to their most vulnerable areas: such tasks suit these guys well. Special forces — the elite fighters in any army — will be at your command for this large operation!

Prove your ability to command the British and German special forces, display unique event portraits, drive an unusual modification of the BT-7A light tank with a 76mm gun and receive many other prizes!

The operation will take place from July 22nd (13:00 GMT) until August 7th (13:00 GMT) in all campaigns.


We’ve prepared a handy image that shows how many tasks you need to complete to earn each prize.

Special ops squads | for 15 and 21 tasks

In “Silent Hunter” you’ll receive tickets for squads and decide which squad to redeem first.

There are 3 assaulters, 1 engineer and 1 AT gunner in each squad. With this mix of skills, there’s no task these specialists can’t handle. And their unique silenced assault weapons will allow them to remain unnoticed longer while performing their tasks!

British Special Squad “Battle for Tunisia” campaign

4th Airborne Division

1st Special Air Service Brigade

Reconnaissance, sabotage and the ability to survive in the harshest conditions helped these fighters in numerous operations from Europe all the way to Egypt, from where the brave British commandos have arrived to help the Allies in Tunisia.

German Special Squad “Invasion of Normandy” campaign

277th Infantry Division

277th Reconnaissance Battalion

These saboteurs are renowned for their crafty improvisation skills and their love for infiltration tactics. Seizing the uniforms of enemy soldiers and officers, their whole squads could pierce through impenetrable enemy defenses to strike right at the heart.

Sten Mk.IIS

A special model of the British SMG Sten with a built-in suppressor. 

Stan has balanced stats and medium rate of fire, helping its user to save ammo and be more precise. 

Each fighter of the squad is also equipped with a unique SAS dagger.

MP-40 Silenced

The most rare modifications of the German SMG MP-40 with a suppressor. 

One of the most well-balanced German SMGs with high damage and good accuracy. The modification with a silencer was so rare that only a few photos of the weapon from the Eastern Front have survived to this day.

Don’t forget that firing from a silenced weapon attracts less attention from both the players and AI soldiers. So there’s less chance they’ll discover your position and return fire.

Elite Army Portraits | for 6 and 18 tasks

You can set up a portrait in your profile. Become a Battle Hero, and every player will see your unique portrait on the results screen. The portraits received in this event are yours to keep forever.

Немецкий диверсант. Выдаётся за 6 выполненных задач.
A German saboteur. Awarded for 6 completed tasks.
Британский коммандос. Выдаётся за 18 выполненных задач.
A British commando. Awarded for 18 completed tasks.

BT-7A (76mm) | for 12 tasks

This vehicle will be given out in the “Battle for Stalingrad” campaign for the USSR. It can be assigned to the 645 separate tank battalion.

An experimental modification of the Soviet light tank with a gun that’s by no means light. Instead of the usual 45mm gun you’ll find a 76mm monster that can handle any German tank. Meanwhile, this vehicle retains the great mobility of the BT series.

Hero: Vasily Arkhipov | for 8 tasks

Machine Gunner II in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign for the USSR.

Commander of a machine gun squad who participated in the liberation of a village and held off three German counter attacks. Even when he ran out of ammo, he kept holding the line of defense with his personal Nagant. The hero’s stats are the highest for his rank, and you can choose his perks.

Gold order for weaponry | for 24 tasks

The most active participants from the operation will receive a Gold order for weaponry! Give another silenced weapon to your squad members or redeem it for whatever else you like. 


The tasks in each stage have to be completed consecutively in the “Squads” mode.

July 22 — 24

  • 40 kills with any weapon;
  • Earn a total of 2000 points in battles;
  • Achieve 1 victory.

July 24 — 26 

  • 60 kills from an SMG;
  • 30 headshots;
  • Place in the Top-50% of your team in the battle results.

July 26 — 28 

  • 60 kills from a machine gun;
  • Earn a total of 4000 points in battles;
  • Achieve 2 victories.

July 28 — 30 

  • 60 kills as a rifleman;
  • 50 kills as an assaulter;
  • 40 kills as a sniper.

July 30 — August 1 

  • 50 kills while controlling a tank;
  • Destroy 3 enemy vehicles;
  • Place in the Top-30% of your team in the battle results.

August 1 — 3 

  • 30 kills with a grenade;
  • 30 kills while fighting for strategic points in the “Invasion”, “Assault”, and “Confrontation” game modes or near the object in the “Destruction” game mode;
  • Place in the Top-30% of your team in the battle results.

August 3 — 5 

  • Earn a total of 40 engineer points;
  • Earn a series of 10 kills as one soldier without dying;
  • Achieve 2 victories.

August 5 — 7 

  • 40 kills from AT guns or AT grenade launchers;
  • 30 melee kills;
  • Place in the Top 1 of your team in the battle results.

August 7 — 10 

  • At this stage you can no longer complete the tasks, but you can still purchase the remaining prizes for Gold.
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