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Making Enlisted a Better Place №20

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.

Enhancing the Armor Piercing Effect

No need to get up close and personal with a tank holding an explosives pack. You can light it up from a safe distance using an RPG. Still, owners of some Panzerfausts, Bazookas, GrB-39 and even rifle HEAT grenades might run into problems performing this task: even a successful armor penetration might have done less damage than was actually required. 

We’ve updated the stats of some HEAT shells and have drastically increased their effect on the inner modules of the vehicles. Please note: the armor piercing strength remains the same, it’s the destructive force of the explosion after the armor has been breached that’s been raised. 

The engine, the transmission, the fuel tanks, the ammo and even the crew (yes, all of those are inner modules) will suffer more damage in case of a successful hit: a chance to immobilize the vehicle, light it on fire or even blow it to pieces will become higher, making your AT gunner squad much more useful.

Improving the Game Mods

You create them, and we make the results of your labor more accessible.

Now clicking the mod-based user match will display the mod’s description written by its author — straight from the mod portal. Making it much easier to understand what to expect from the battle to come.

This description will be displayed in the room creation window when you click on one of the mods added to your personal collection.

Right now we’re working on even more important improvements for the mods. Follow the news, check out player missions and make them yourselves!

Full list of changes

  • Damage of HEAT rounds used by infantry has been increased:
    • М1 Bazooka — x 2.5 times;
    • М9 Bazooka — x 1.3 times;
    • GrB-39 — x 2.5 times;
    • GGP 40 Rifle grenade — x 2 times;
    • M9A1 Rifle grenade — x 2 times;
    • Sturmpistole grenade — x 2 times.
  • In the “Custom matches” menu a description for mod-based rooms has been added. Same description has also been added to the room creation window. The description text is imported from the mod creator’s post on the portal.

We appreciate your feedback!

Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!

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