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Full Metal Panic!

War is not a resort, but even with all of its horrors during a hot summer day it can be extremely difficult for tank crews in a stuffy armored can. We will help to ease the hard life of your crews, giving them everything they need for a successful battle and improving the main tool of war - their tank. Gather round, we declare a full metal panic!

From July 8th (13:00 GMT) until July 11th (13:00 GMT) complete the tasks and receive rewards that will be useful in all campaigns!


This event's rewards are extremely useful for upgrading your armored vehicles in any campaign and for training and equipping its crew.

Серебряные заявки на улучшение оружия
Silver Orders for weaponry

You’ll receive 6 for 2 and 4 completed tasks.

Silver Orders for soldiers
Silver Orders for soldiers

You’ll receive 3 for 5 and 7 completed tasks.

Заявки на улучшение техники
Orders for Vehicle Upgrade

You’ll receive 2 orders for 8 and 1 order for 9 completed tasks.

About the rewards: Orders for vehicle upgrades are used instead of Bronze Orders when upgrading armored vehicles in any army. It does not matter which star they add - there is always one order used.


The tasks have to be completed in “Squads” mode. The tasks for a single day are completed one after the other.

July 8th-9th

  • 25 kills from any weapon;
  • 10 headshots;
  • 25 kills while driving armored vehicles.

July 9th-10th

  • 1 battle in the Invasion of Normandy campaign;
  • 10 grenade kills;
  • 2 enemy armored vehicles destroyed.

July 10th-11th

  • 1 battle in the Battle of Tunisia campaign;
  • Earn a total of 1000 points in battle;
  • 25 kills from anti-tank rifle or anti-tank grenade launcher.

Terms of the event

  • In this event, there are 3 tasks available each day. Each following task becomes available after the previous one is completed. Tasks that are not completed will be reset at 13:00 GMT.
  • On July 11th and 12th you can purchase the unreceived awards for Gold.
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