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Mods Digest: Down into the Fuhrer’s Bunker

We return with another review of the most interesting missions from our talented creators!

Since the release of the “Burning Sky” update, Enlisted has become an endlessly scalable game, as you can create unique missions or even a whole new map using thousands of objects from all campaigns. 

Fuhrer’s Bunker by G1R0SCOPE

A great idea realized in two different missions. We take the existing part of the Berlin map near the Reich Chancellery and open the doors into Hitler’s bunker!

On the original map there is no bunker, actually, just a sealed entrance, so whatever you find underground was created by the mod’s author.

In the first version of the mod the bunker is very compact and is best suited for battles of small teams. There’s a single strategic point and two tunnels leading to it. The interior of the shelter is very well done, there are even a few easter eggs!

The first mission on the portal

In the second version the author has completely reworked the underground layout, and now the bunker is quite spacious: several levels, multiple utility rooms, offices, a medical room, an armory and, again, a few amusing easter eggs.

This mission should be played with a big team. And the main advice for both versions of the mod is: don’t miss the entrance!

Game designer’s advice: you should mark the entrances to the bunker with smoke or spawn the players inside while allowing them to go outside and attack the enemy’s entrance. And brush up the interiors, of course.

The second mission on the portal

E-Day by wresters

A deep revision of the classic landing in Normandy. It’s literally D-Day on steroids.

And by “deep” we mean a total rework of the map with many more fortifications, as well as differences in elevation and tactics. The attackers now have more opportunities to find cover, but the defense is also much stronger thanks to pre-placed 20mm guns. Vehicles will definitely come in handy here..

This invasion will be perfect with lots of participants.

Game designer’s advice: sometimes the differences in elevation are too severe, confusing the AI soldiers. Try out other cover options: destroyed vehicles, trenches, maybe even tunnels.

The mission on the portal

Launch the Missions

Every one of you can create your own mission, as well as launch any mission from the portal. Here’s a quick reminder how to launch one of  these multiplayer missions.

  1. Choose a mission you like on the Enlisted sandbox portal and press COPY URL on its page.
  2. In the game, open mode selection (above the START button) and choose “Custom matches”.
  3. Press “Create Game” -> “Mods” and paste the URL you’ve previously copied.

Now you only need to customize the options, and you’re good to go — your server is in the list. Tell your friends to come, wait for other players to join or play by yourself.

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