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New Battle Pass season: even more rewards!

Two gold orders for weapons instead of one, the rewards you asked for, new rare rewards in the line and extended lengths of all new seasons. This is one of the Battle Pass's biggest upgrades ever, and it starts on the 23rd of June!

Big news

The Battle Pass season will now be extended to 15 weeks. We'll be adding exciting rewards for the extra days: experience boosters for up to 12 battles, orders to change squad upgrades that you asked us for earlier, as well as orders to change the appearance of soldiers, including clothing and facial customization. The cherry on the cake, of course, will be the two gold orders for weapons, which will be available as part of the season.

With the start of this season, we won't be dropping any of your military ranks - so go ahead and continue on your way to the heights with confidence! Let's take a look at the super rewards of the new Battle Pass season in Enlisted.

Top rewards of the new season

KB-P-135 | Allies: Moscow, Berlin, Stalingrad

The 7.62mm Degtyarev-designed semi-automatic carbine from 1942 chambered for TT ammo.

This gun has a 25-round magazine, slight recoil, but low bullet speed, and works better at close range.

Artillery Luger | Axis: Moscow, Normandy, Berlin, Stalingrad

This was a version of the Luger pistol, originally designed for field artillery crews. It was made with a wooden stock and a drum-type magazine.

This gun has wide dispersion, but otherwise is an excellent pistol with a large 32-round magazine and quick reloading.

S&W Light Rifle | Allies: Normandy, Tunisia

The Smith & Wesson semi-automatic carbine was developed as a "police" weapon in 1939 and was produced in 1940-41 in small series. The Mk.2 modification is presented.

A fairly handy sight and controlled recoil make up for the not-so-large magazine.

Beretta 1918/30 | Axis: Tunisia

It is an intermediate model between Beretta 1918 and Beretta M38 semi-automatic carbines, designed by Tullio Marengoni for pistol ammunition. It was designed for police use.

A bayonet on a submachine gun! If suddenly 25 rounds aren't enough in the magazine, you have a sharp second chance!

Gold order vehicles come in the maximum level of upgrades.

BT-7 №13 | Allies: Moscow

The BT series of tanks is primarily about speed, and with its evasive maneuvers, can provide fire into the sides of enemy tanks and other enemies with a rapid-fire 45mm cannon.

Pz.III ausf.E “600” 18. Pz.Div | Axis: Moscow

The Pz.III series does not have thick armor, but it is quite mobile, and the 5-man crew makes the tank exceptionally survivable.

P-51D-5-NA “Hurry Home Honey” | Allies: Normandy

Fast and a very well armed fighter. The 6 Brownings are great for frontal attacks, and there are 2 x 250kg bombs for ground targets.

Historical camouflage of Richard Peterson's machine.

Sd.Kfz.234/2 “415” | Axis: Normandy

A very maneuverable and fast wheeled armored vehicle with a decent cannon, enough to take out most potential enemies. Take care of the thin sides and avoid the mud, in which the wheels can easily get stuck.

Crusader 7th Armoured Division 1st Rifle Brigade | Allies: Tunisia

This tank can't brag about powerful armor or good mobility, but the 57mm cannon is great against any opponent, and the HE makes the Crusader a threatening fighter against enemy infantry squads.

Autoblinda-41 “15” | Axis: Tunisia

This is a wheeled armored vehicle with excellent top speed and a 20mm autocannon. It is better to fight against armored targets from the flanks; you can simultaneously attack infantry too with both cannon and machine gun.

Yak-3 “White 100” | Allies: Berlin

One of the most agile Soviet fighters. The pilot pays for its compact size, speed and maneuverability with a small ammunition reserve, but the gun and two machine guns in the hands of an experienced gunner can handle any enemy aircraft. After all, flying in from behind is no problem for the Yak-3.

Bf 109 G-6 “3” | Axis: Berlin

The G-6 modification is the exact opposite of the Yak. Heavy, but very fast and with excellent main armament. If you get into a maneuvering battle, you will die, but if you attack with a boom-zoom, enemies will not be able to follow you.

And on the way you can drop 4 bombs of 50 kg each.

You also get

New daily tasks for battles in the Battle for Stalingrad campaign, Hero Soldiers of different classes with high stats, various orders and other Battle Pass rewards in each of the 75 stages.

New weekly tasks and challenges for high ranked fighters for which you can earn Battle Pass levels, and Marshals can earn an exclusive Hero Soldier!

The Last Chance

When the new season comes to an end, we'll clean up the store and remove the oldest items for orders - past seasons’ Battle Pass rewards. If you were planning on getting one, you'd better do it ASAP.

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