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Summer Sale!

From the 22nd of June at 11:00 GMT until the 4th of July at 11:00 GMT Discounted customizable bundles!

The new discount mechanism will allow you to create your own bundle of several packs with a discount, by adding them to your Cart. Each single pack from the list would have a 25% discount when added to the Cart, but the discount increases to 50% if you add two or more packs from the list to the Cart at once.

Summer Sale packs

  • "Battle of Moscow" - Lewis gun Squad";
  • "Battle of Moscow" - MG 13 with drum magazine Squad;
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Sherman IC "Firefly" Squad;
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Pz. IV J Squad; 
  • "Battle of Tunisia" - KS 750 Squad;
  • "Battle of Tunisia" - WD Big 4 Squad; 
  • "Battle of Berlin": MP 40/1 Squad;
  • "Battle of Berlin": PPD-40 DSZ Squad.

Note! The discount will only be applied if you add these packs to the Shopping Cart and purchase them all together as part of one transaction.

Packs not included in the promotion:

  • "Invasion of Normandy": Rocket Bundle;
  • "Battle of Berlin": Offensive Bundle;
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Automatic Bundle;
  • "Battle of Stalingrad" - Full access;
  • Gold packs.

Note! The offer is available to PC users only.

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