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Open pre-alpha test in Berlin

8th of May — 10th of May

On the anniversary of a Great Victory we want to invite everyone to take a part in a test of Enlisted again.This time you will participate in one of the most important battles of WWII and will be able to evaluate the development progress personally.


Depending on the indicators that may be completed earlier than specified.
For this particular test we raise minimum system requirements - you will need at least 3 Gb of video RAM.

In this test

We will transport you to the very end of the war - to the centre of the German capital! Together with other fighters, you will take a part in the battles for key government buildings, including the Reich Chancellery and even Hitler’s bunker. In large-scale battles on the streets of a ruined Berlin you can take control of the most powerful tanks or use dozens of examples of firearms that soldiers fought with in that most important battle. Saturate your enemies with mortar fire, smoke snipers out of buildings with Molotov cocktails and crawl your way to victory along vehicle tracks through the rubble!

  Key features of the test

  • Ground vehicles from the end of WWII.

  • New weapons, including mortars and grenade launchers.

  • A new game mode.

  • New location “Berlin” (assault of the Reich Chancellery).

  • Many other important improvements in the game mechanics.

Improvements based on your feedback

Your feedback helps us in the development! Here are the most notable changes which have been made thanks to your comments. 

  • Many improvements to the AI squads: Soldiers now overcome obstacles better, react more quickly to danger, avoid fire and extinguish themselves when on fire. We are continuing to work on developing the AI!

  • Optimized battle interface — less unnecessary messages and hints, as well as reducing some interface details.

  • The behavior of semi-automatic rifles has been improved. We have worked on this mechanic and adjusted it.

  • New missions are now more large-scaled - distances and maneuverable areas have been increased for even greater tactical possibilities.

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Happy coming Victory Day!

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