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Create your own mission!

It’s no secret that the Enlisted community is full of talented players who can impress all of us, so, we're pleased to announce an exciting new tool to help you unleash your creativity.

In the next major update, we'll be introducing a powerful mission editor and an in-game mod portal, where talented authors will be able to share their creations with the community - and most importantly, player-created missions will be available to play in multiplayer battles!

Mission Editor

As part of the Enlisted game client, this is one of the tools we use when working on the game, and it will be available to all of you. You'll find the modsEditor.bat right in the game directory when the major update is released.

We will expand the features of the editor over time, but even in its current form, its functionality offers a lot of possibilities!

You can take any Enlisted location as the core of your mission and transform it beyond recognition by changing the landscape, and by moving, adding or removing any objects you like.

The editor allows you to not only customize key features like respawn points and capture points, but also to create missions with unique rules. You can allow for infinite respawns, limit the number of respawns per team or forbid respawns entirely for the same squad more than once - and of course, you can set the boundaries of the battlefield too.

You read that right: you'll be able to create a mission on a large map, taking players through several distant cities. And that's just one of the many possible ideas that you can play around with, we’re certain that you and your friends will create a lot of fun and unique scenarios with the new editor!

Mod Portal

The place where authors and players meet. It will be launched with our next major update and soon after expect thousands of interesting game mods, the first of which will be cool missions!

Post, comment, like, and, of course, download and run custom missions in online battles!

We also invite authors to join forces in a special section of the forum: share your experiences, as well as discuss and offer ideas for further developments we can make to the editor - we read everything.


We've worked out the main questions for you step by step: "how to create a mission?", "how to upload it to the portal and launch it in the game?".

Click on one of the links and become a true master of your mods. If you’re just interested in trying out the mods however, here's a little guide on how to start a custom mission in the game.

You’ll be able to launch a user mission after pressing the "Create Game" button in the Custom Matches window, and then by following these steps.

  1. Click "Mods" in the game creation window.
  2. Paste the link to the mod (you can copy it from the mod you like on the portal using the "Copy mod url" button).
  3. Press "Download mission", then select it from the list and start the mission.

A detailed guide is available here. And awesome missions... are coming soon!

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