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Thunder and Lightning! New Cloud and Weather Effects

In battles, most of the time half of your screen is taken up by the sky. Because the sky is so pivotal for setting the mood in battle, in the upcoming update, new sky and weather effects will take the quality and atmosphere of the game to a new level.

Weather effects, time of day and lighting

With new weather effects and different times of day, you will be able to experience battles in a completely new way - at sunset, with the soft light of the sun seeping into view from below the horizon, completely cloudless days, or much harsher weather such as thunder - or depending on the environment, blizzards or sandstorms.

So that you can not only enjoy the stark beauty of the battlefields of Enlisted, but also easily spot your enemies - we have improved the balance between dark rooms and bright lighting, and the sun in general will be less blinding in all weather.

New rain effects and even an entire thunderstorm complete with lightning will ensure that the atmosphere of battle is better than ever. New combinations of time and weather will allow for more than 150 Enlisted missions to play out in bright new colors!

Dimensional Clouds

We've also completely modernized our cloud generation technology. Сumulus, stratus, cirrus, and at various heights - hollow or dense clouds. Take a look!

These new clouds are also animated and slowly drift across the sky, which will dynamically adjust the lighting over the battlefield, and literally reshape the environment in the sky for pilots minute by minute!

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