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Military Rank System

Your battle merits are something to be proud of. We remember them and keep track of all your statistics. But soon your valor will be reflected not only in numbers, but in your rank. Introducing the new military rank system that’s set to arrive in the next big update!

For Victories and Valor

The next big update will add 20 military ranks to Enlisted: from Private to Marshal. Your place in the hierarchy will be defined by rating points that you’ll be able to earn in battles. 

The first ranks will be easy to achieve: you’ll just have to play without deserting from battles. After you become a sergeant however, things will get more serious: you’ll start earning ranking points only for victories and becoming one of the Heroes of Battle. Prove yourself — and you can reach the top!  

Now, the Officers will have to regularly prove their worth, or they’ll get demoted. For leaving the battle or losing it you’ll likewise lose points. Still, you’ll be able to compensate for that loss by personal heroism, which makes for a strong incentive to fight until the bitter end.

With the start of each new season of the Battle Pass, your rating points will decrease, and your rank with them. Still, the greater your rank, the higher you’ll start in the next season. For example, the most senior army commanders will begin their new path to glory as Officers. 

Where Are My Shoulder Straps

Right now the ranking system is just another way to measure your effectiveness in battle, it won’t influence your account or game mechanics yet. You’ll be able to check your current title in the Profile tab.

Here’s the full table of ranks and the points needed to earn them.

In the next Battle Pass, the players who achieve the highest rank of Marshal will receive an award. We’ll keep developing and improving this system in the future — stay tuned for more dev blogs!

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