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New Grenades and Inventory Expansion

In the upcoming major update, the effectiveness of your soldiers will increase with an arsenal expansion as well as new equipment. From now on you will be able to use impact grenades, binoculars, and a water flask to aid in battle.

Impact Grenades

These are anti-personnel grenades with a new detonation mechanism with no waiting period: toss, hit and explode instantly! 

Impact grenades will appear in the Tunisian and Normandy Campaigns on both sides. You’ll find the British No. 69 grenade and the Italian SRCM Mod. 35, as well as a variant used by the German army, the Handgranate 328 (i).

In Enlisted, the impact grenade will become an excellent alternative to the classic explosive grenade, as it provides some undeniable advantages: it can't be tossed away, it can be utilized very quickly, and you can keep it cocked in preparation for the right moment for as long as you like.

However, the explosive mass of impact grenades is less than standard anti-personnel grenades, so to achieve the same explosive results you'll need to aim a little bit more precisely. If you manage to, you'll get quick, effective results.


Water is life, and a full flask is an essential part of a soldier's equipment in any war! Good commanders made sure that their troops' flasks were full. So do we.

Your soldiers will now have a new slot in their inventory devoted specifically to this life-giving water, which will have its uses in game! 

Lost too much stamina after a sprint? Drink from the flask and your stamina will regenerate quickly for some time, even while on the move. This will give you enough endurance to escape from incoming fire or outflank your enemies without pause.

You will be able to equip squads with this important item in the Logistics window.


Being aware of enemy positions is half the battle, and we plan to help you gain that advantage in the upcoming update. You will soon have a new tool at your disposal that will allow you to perform more effective reconnaissance.

Binoculars also have a slot in each soldier's inventory and you can equip your soldier with them through Logistics.

In battle, binoculars are activated after pressing the designated button and in good hands they have a lot of potential, such as helping you find the sniper in the window, note the distant position of an enemy tank, or to just look far beyond the battlefield in a quiet moment in search of the next new location in Enlisted.

In the major update impact grenades, binoculars and the flask will be available to all soldier classes.

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