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A New Game Mode and Locations

"Each new battle is unique". As always, we strive to make your battles even more interesting and dynamic, and as such we’re here to tell you all about the new locations and missions we’re preparing for the upcoming major update.

With the release of the major update, Enlisted will have a brand new game mode where both teams attack and defend at the same time! This mode will challenge not only brave soldiers pushing the frontlines, but also good defensive strategists.

New mode: Confrontation

This mode is quite similar to a tug-of-war: while the "Invasion" mode sees one team attack and the other defend, in the new "Confrontation" setup both teams will actively attack!

When the battle begins, both sides have controllable points, while the central point is contested. Capturing it shifts the front line to the next point in the rear of the losing team and gives reinforcement points to the victorious team.

Once a new point becomes available, there will be a short grace period where the point can’t be captured - allowing both sides time to draw their forces to the new point and prepare for the next phase of the confrontation.

In this mode, the win will go to the team that has captured all control points on the map or destroyed all enemy forces, because even a successfully advancing army can run out of reinforcements. 

A sturdy defense and a battle of attrition or a steady push for the points - that's up to your well-coordinated team!

With the release of the next major update, new Confrontation missions will appear in all Campaigns: The Voskhod settlement, Gare de Saint-Lo, Werbig station, Kahif cave village and Univermag.

New locations

Invasion of Normandy: La Perelle Village

The Normandy invasion continues and brings the battle to the wheat and corn fields of a large farm, complete with barns and windmills.

These areas have plenty of room for armored vehicles to maneuver, as well as offering cover for infantry squads. And if a lot of living and working buildings are not enough for you, you can dive into the field of corn, the corn stalks here reach the height of an average person - only a flamethrower can smoke you out of there.

Battle of Berlin: Railway bridge

Well, you've been here. But so far the center of your attention was the Armored Train. Now you can explore the suburbs of Berlin from a new angle.

Take a walk along the railroad tracks in the new "Invasion" scenario. The mission path captures many technical and residential buildings on the way to the primary target - a large railway bridge, once the battle reaches this point, you should equip something capable for long-range engagements in preparation for the final push. 

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