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New sights in armored vehicles and upgraded aviation

Our artists care for the atmosphere in battlefields of every campaign, but there are some of you guys who have "their own atmosphere" behind a few centimeters of armored steel. And for those armor enthusiasts, we're introducing new gunner sights - unique to each nation.

Take a fresh look at the world

What do sights look like now? Any tank or armored vehicle presents the gunner with a standardized sight reticle - comfortable and functional enough, but not reflective of their country's engineers' and military's approach to the vision of a proper tank sight.

In the upcoming update, the unique features will be joined by sighting reticles that are more consistent with the equipment from different countries: even sitting in the gunner's chair, you can easily identify the national origin of your armored vehicle. Not to mention the atmosphere that plays an important role for soldiers who spend most of their battles in an iron box.

Unique sights with "national personality" will appear in the vehicles of four key parties in the war - the Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States. All of them are based on real prototypes. German tanks, for example, have them in the form of round scales, while Soviet tanks have a preference for vertical sights.

In the future, we will continue to introduce different sighting reticles and other characteristics for each sighting device on all vehicles!

Suspended weapons in their right place

In the upcoming update, great news for the pilots.

Aircraft in your hangars and in battle will appear to the owner in full combat readiness, because we will add a display of available suspended weapons on models of your attackers, bombers and fighters. Does your vehicle stat card have rockets on it? That means you'll find those weapons under the wings too - just as they should be.

Visualizing plane part damage

The damage model in the in-game pilot interface is quite detailed and accurate, but sometimes it is easier to understand why your plane is diving to the ground by looking at the wing, or more specifically at its partial or complete absence of it.

You guessed it! In the upcoming major update, we will introduce a mechanism where we will visualize the loss of large aircraft parts, both yours and the enemy's. Heavy damage will be displayed to the outside observer and to you from the cockpit.

The flight model, by the way, will not be affected by this graphical improvement, because even before these changes it was calculated according to all the laws of physics and with simulated damage.

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