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Important Features soon in All Campaigns

Once again we’re on the verge of a big update for Enlisted, so we have a lot to share. Soldiers of Moscow, Berlin, Normandy, Stalingrad, and Tunisia — meet an entire array of new mechanics.

Will be available in all Enlisted campaigns!

Dig Trenches!

If you've ever hidden in a crater left behind by an exceptionally big bomb, then you're already familiar with one of Enlisted's most spectacular features. 

Thanks to terramorphing powerful explosions leave large craters that make great hiding spots. Soon you will be able to modify the terrain yourselves.

Collect your new equipment: a shovel! Both a melee weapon and a useful tool that allows you to dig trenches up to 1.5 meters deep. 

Shovels are set to arrive into all campaigns in a much better shape: they will be more handy as a melee weapon and also will dig faster than before. You’ll find them in Logistics.

Place Authentic Machine Guns

Now engineers from different nations will build machine guns with authentic weapon models: the Maxim 1910/30 for the USSR, the MG34 on the Lafette 34 tripod for Germany and the Axis powers, and the Browning 1919A4 for the USA and the Allies. Much closer to reality and more unique to each army.

Movable AT Cannons

Engineers' AT guns will soon become movable by their crew. Build them in one spot, clear it up and move them to the next position.

Engineers’ cannons, like vehicles, will soon have crew seats: gunner’s and assistant’s. By taking up the latter you will change the cannon into portable mode, making it possible for even a single soldier to push it around a corner and rain death upon dozens of enemies.

Historic Decals for Your Vehicles

Each soldier in your army deserves a lot of attention, but a special spot is reserved for your favorite tank that's carefully upgraded to perfection and receives the best crew possible. Still, there's one thing that'll allow you to feel as if the tank is truly your own. Unique.

Introducing customization! Hundreds of historic decals, filtered by vehicle type and nation — in all campaigns.

As a reminder: you can access the customization menu by picking a vehicle in your hangar and selecting “Customization”. All decals are chosen according to the vehicle type and country. 

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