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May Sale


From the 2nd of May at 13:00 GMT until the 10th of May at 13:00 GMT discounts in the game and in the store!

In-game Sale

  • 50% off all premium squads in the Battle of Berlin campaign with Gold for PC and console.
  • 30% off the PP Dolganov Squad and the Gerät 03 Squad.

Berlin Engineer squads that were previously sold in the store, are now discounted and available for Gold!

  • 30% off "Battle for Berlin": SKS-31 Squad.
  • 30% off "Battle for Berlin": Kbsp wz.38M Squad.

Note! Discounts do not apply to premium squads from the latest update - Panzerjager IV L70 and Yak-9K.

Premium Account Discounts

  • 50% off the Premium account 365 days
  • 50% off the Premium account 90 days

Gaijin store discounts

Last call sale!

Note! This bundle and packs included in it will be removed from the store after the end of the sale.

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