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Our Plans to Change the Explosive Packs

Explosives are an inseparable part of your soldiers' arsenal, and this aspect of Enlisted has to be as diverse and interesting as guns. This dev diary is dedicated to perfecting the thrown explosives. 

Explosives Today

Any explosion in Enlisted is realistically modeled through two major factors: the blast wave and the fragments. The blast wave deals devastating damage but quickly loses its potential over distance, while the fragments are spread over larger area, making them especially effective against troops.

Spread of the blast wave (yellow) and the fragments (blue) of an anti-infantry grenade

Right now the influence of these factors isn't apparent enough, and that impacts the balance between grenades and explosive packs, making the latter more preferable due to their high damage and effective radius. 

Specialized weapons for specialized targets

In future Enlisted updates we plan to make explosion packs and grenades specialized, more  effective against certain targets. 

At the moment the number of fragments generated by grenades and explosive packs is nearly identical, and that's not quite correct. In reality explosive packs lacked extra fragments and instead relied on the power of the blast wave to pierce the armor. At the same time grenades were used to destroy the infantry, making their fragments the key factor in their effectiveness. We intend to make this difference more pronounced in Enlisted by cutting the number of fragments dispersed by explosion packs.

This change will make grenades more preferable against large gatherings of foot soldiers thanks to the fragments striking the targets over a wide radius, while keeping explosion packs effective against vehicles due to high impact of the blast wave that won't suffer any changes. 

We share our plans in advance to hear back from you: what are your ideas on how to make thrown explosives better in Enlisted?

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