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Elbe Day

On April 25th, 1945, not far from the German town of Torgau, the U.S. and Soviet armies closed the front on Berlin. It was on the Elbe River when the Allies shook hands to symbolize the efforts of different nations to reach a common peace for all.

From April 25th to April 29th (13:00 UTC) complete Event tasks in all campaigns and get rewards!

2 wins — a Silver order for weapons

Can be awarded once per day.

5 battles — a Silver order for a soldier

Can be awarded once per day.

300% Booster for 2 Battles

Awarded after completing the first five tasks in the event.

  • Some rewards in this event can be awarded more than once. Complete the task during the day before 13:00 UTC. Tasks not completed by the end are lost.
  • Event rewards tasks can be completed at the same time.
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