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New Campaign Levels

"Night Witches" in the Battle of Stalingrad

We’re starting this blog with some more important news from Stalingrad, and it comes with a feminine touch.

Meet the first female squad in Enlisted! The legendary Night Witches, crewing the Po-2 night bomber. This legendary aircraft will be the only premium squad for the Battle for Stalingrad on release, made up entirely of wartime Heroines.

588th Night Bomber Regiment

The regiment specialized in night raids and was made up of exclusively female members. The Germans nicknamed them the "Night Witches" for their highly original tactics: the regiment flew bombing raids at night and once at a certain distance from the target the pilots jammed the engine, glided toward enemy positions, and in complete silence dropped their bombs. The psychological effects of such attacks were extremely high.


This aircraft is only simple in looks alone. The lightweight plywood and cloth clad machine is actually deceptively survivable, along with being very controllable and maneuverable. You'll have no problem dodging the attacks of enemy fighters, and the rear gunner will cool down the ardor of even the most stubborn pursuers.

The U-2 carries two 100 kg bombs and two 50 kg bombs.

New Campaign Levels

Invasion of Normandy

Browning M1919A6 and Gunners’ squad

Ultimate firepower! High damage, minimal recoil and a huge 100-round belt make the owner of this Browning a true killing machine, and not to worry - you have an additional belt too.

MG 34 with the Patronentrommel magazine and Gunners’ squad

The familiar, accurate and of course reliable MG 34 with an unusual magazine. The double 75-round drum is a good reason to swap out your slightly faster-firing MG 42.

M4A1 (76) W

This "Sherman" got what it lacked - the excellent 76mm M1 cannon, along with a vertical stabilizer, which allows you to fire accurately at low speeds. The cannon also offers 10 degrees of gun depression, which helps a lot in the hills of Normandy.

Tiger E

This big wildcat is on the prowl in Normandy! The magnificent 88mm KwK36 cannon and robust armor are sure to make a difference on the battlefield, just make sure to keep angled!

Premium squads: +100% experience

These premium squads include an Engineer with access to all constructions!

A squad with the Colt Monitor machine gun, a modified version of the Browning M1918 with a compensator. The reduced recoil is is made even more controllable by the abilities of the squad -

  • +35% vitality
  • - 40% vertical recoil while standing
  • + 75% faster medpack usage speed
  • +100% faster stamina regeneration

An Assaulter squad equipped with the Kiraly 43M submachine gun. High damage, excellent rate of fire, and a large ammo capacity. Along with optimum class abilities:

  • +12% faster reload speed
  • -30% horizontal recoil while standing
  • +10% faster run speed
  • +100% stamina

Battle of Berlin

Fedorov Avtomat and Assaulters' squad

This semi-automatic rifle was created in 1916, but the year doesn't matter when you see its specifications. It has a damage output close to rifles, along with a decent magazine size of 25 rounds.

MP 43/1 and Assaulters' squad

Accurate, powerful and long-awaited. This assault rifle will prove excellent at close and medium range, and the increased damage will leave enemies with even less of a chance at longer ranges.


The successor of the La-5 and its F and FN modifications. The engine became even more powerful and the aerodynamic characteristics have drastically increased. In - short, the La-7 is improved in every way. It can also equip two 100-kg bombs.

Bf 109 K-4

The great and terrible Kurfürst! The last production modification of these beautiful German fighters. It offers a perfect balance of flight performance and firepower - equipped with powerful 30mm cannon armament.

Premium squads: +100% experience

An assault fighter! The Yak-9K is equipped with a 45mm cannon with powerful armor-piercing shells, a precise hit has no problem penetrating the roof of enemy armored vehicles.

The pilot also comes with effective perks: they can withstand high G overloads and recover faster from blackout effects.

The Panzer IV/70(V) is one of the most advanced German tank destroyers. Excellent armor, side skirts and the potent 75mm cannon straight from the Panther.

The vehicle's crew is also optimally trained for its class and arrives immediately at level 4.

Battle of Tunisia

Beaufighter Mk X and Attacker pilots' squad

A pretty famous British attack aircraft with incredible frontal armament consisting of six machine guns and four 20mm Hispano cannons. And, of course, eight rockets for thick-skinned targets. However, the Beaufighter really puts the ‘heavy’ in heavy fighter, so the rear gunner will definitely come in handy here.

Bf 110 C-7 and Attacker pilots' squad

Another heavyweight with equally excellent frontal armament, all guns are concentrated in the fuselage, which increases the ease and accuracy of fire.

For ground targets, the 110 comes with two 250kg bombs. As well as an MG 13 gunner protecting the rear.

Johnson M1941

A worthy replacement for your trusty M1 Garand. Less recoil with a larger magazine capacity.


A Czechoslovak semi-automatic rifle with ten rounds in the magazine. High damage but at the cost of high recoil.

Sherman II with Tankers' squad

This is an export version of the M4A1 for the British Army. Although it is one of the first modifications of this famous American tank, it can still rule the battlefield in Tunisia, with solid armor and a decent 75mm gun.

Pz.IV F2

One of the most recognizable modifications of the Pz.IV has finally arrived on the sands of Tunisia. The long-barreled 75mm gun can take on any enemy, regarding the armor though, we won’t bore you - you’re all familiar with this one.

Premium squads: +100% experience


Everyone knows this name. The notoriously thick armor of this infantry tank can commonly withstand even the top German cannons. A fast-firing gun along with a highly trained crew are included.


An infantry support tank with a rapid-fire 75mm cannon and an additional machine gun for the commander. The crew, of course, also comes specialized for the vehicle.

Battle for Moscow


This model of the Degtyarev machine gun boasts a large magazine consisting of 63 rounds and somewhat less horizontal recoil when compared to the infantry version of the DP-27.

Kiraly 39M

A Hungarian submachine gun with a fairly heavy round. It offers high damage, very high rate of fire and a high capacity 40-round magazine. A highly effective option for any high-and-mighty assaulter.

Pe-2-31 and Attacker Pilots' squad

A large Soviet dive bomber. Decently maneuverable and fast. Along with 6 100kg bombs at your disposal!

And although there is only very limited frontal armament, The Pe-2 comes with 4 defensive guns! No enemy will be able to approach without getting a few holes.

Bf 110 F-2 and Attacker Pilots' squad

A further modification of the Bf 110. Excellent firepower along with two 250kg bombs under the fuselage.

This array of weaponry allows you to attack ground targets and air targets alike - maneuverability is not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Premium squads: +100% experience

The M3 Medium was supplied to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program from the Americans. Now you have a chance to experience this unusual machine on the frontlines of defense for the USSR capital.

A premium variant of this very familiar fighter complete with a unique camouflage. Fight your enemies in the sky and on the ground with four 50kg bombs in addition to powerful frontal armamant.


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