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New squad class: Medic

Today in Enlisted you can choose from 13 squads of soldiers, each with their own unique weapons or very useful skills for the whole team. But even in such a huge army of unique fighters of the World War II there is room for another important profession. Meet the Medics!

Field Medicine

First of all, the new squad class specializes in medical treatment: a medic can keep their allies healthy in several ways at once, each of which will bring not only the comrade's gratitude, but also battle points!

Medical Kit

One of the medic's main tools. The kit is enough for many uses, each of which will restore a significant amount of health to a wounded comrade. At the same time, soldiers in need of treatment are marked by a visible icon in the Medic's eyes.

First-aid box

Another important class tool that takes up an additional weapon slot and is ready for quick deployment on a battlefield. Inside the box your comrades will find standard first-aid kits that can be used either on the spot or carried with them.

For each use of the box by your allies, you'll also get battle points - you don't even have to be around.


In addition to the standard abilities, medics will also have special abilities that significantly increase their effectiveness: increasing the speed and quality of treatment, increasing the number of medical kits in a bag or in the first-aid box.

Leading the way

The new class is trained to handle submachine guns! Medics are not as efficient as professional Assaulters, but they can easily defend themselves and even support the attack at the front lines, helping the wounded right in the thick of it.

For the first time in a new campaign

Medics will debut exclusively in our new Enlisted campaign based on one of the famous battles of the World War II, that we will be sure to tell you about in future blogs. Stay tuned!

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