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Aircraft Gunners

The long-awaited aircraft gunners will be available on your planes in the upcoming major update to Enlisted. Assaulters, bombers and even some heavy fighters have become more challenging targets to attack at the back.

All vehicles equipped with defensive turrets will have extra crew seats. Soldiers of the same class as required for your aircraft will serve as gunners. Feel free to recruit new soldiers, locate them in any available crew slots, and go to battle!


Your gunners are capable of acting entirely on their own. They keep a close eye on the sky and if they spot other planes they'll yell it out to you, then fix them in their sights before approaching into identification range. And if it's the enemy, they open fire!

Skills will be helpful! Increasing the angle of sight, resistance to overloads and increasing the range of enemy identification help not only your pilot, but add to the performance of the gunners.

Also, in future updates you will have the opportunity to take the situation into your own hands and, personally control the gunner, repelling an attack of enemy aircraft.

A great role in defending against enemy attacks is also played by the defensive armament itself. Stat cards will also display the turret specifications and ammo, and during battle, you'll see the turret’s ammo count.

Get ready

You can enlist a few more soldiers into your squad now and prepare them for future service. Select the most suitable abilities and leave a gunner in reserve so that on the day of the update they will be the first to take to the skies fully armed.


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