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Making Enlisted a Better Place №7

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a particular aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, where we fix bugs or add interesting features.

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.

Look around and shoot

Any shooter first looks for the enemy and then shoots them - that's the rule of the genre. But the better these basic mechanics work, the more enjoyable the game is. This new episode in our series is dedicated to the improvement of the free camera and the long-awaited shotgun upgrade!

Improved camera

There are few of them, but they are all made to make navigating in a battle situation much more comfortable!

Now while respawning, the camera will smoothly move down from a flying position over the location right into your soldier's eyes. This effect will allow for the time between pressing the ready button and the actual respawn to have a better picture of what position your soldier will appear at, what the situation is on the point and "the direction in which we are fighting".

Another improvement is the free view camera, which is convenient to use both on the move and just to look around without losing the main direction. Your view will now quickly but smoothly return to "zero point" after you release the free camera button. This will solve the disorientation problem that many players have complained about before.

Shotgun upgrades

You've been asking for an upgrade to this fearsome weapon for a long time. We have noticed it and brought you a significant upgrade of one of the most deadly weapons for close-range battle.

We have worked on the characteristics of all types of shotguns and brought them to a more convenient and balanced performance. Now the shot recoil is halved, and the buckshot dispersion is reduced by a quarter that will allow the hitting of targets farther away from you.

In addition, the number of buckshots in a single cartridge has been increased and the damage from the shot will also increase.

The final "bonus" is the doubling of the ammunition carried with the double-barreled gun. You will need it - you are not hunting ducks after all.

Full list of improvements

  • Reduced shotgun recoil by 50%.
  • Reduced shotgun buckshot angle by 25%.
  • Increased the amount of buckshot and, as a result, the shotgun damage from 12x2.4 (28.8) to 18x2.25 (40.5).
  • Significantly increased double-barreled gun ammo (from 14 to 24 shots).
  • Now after turning off the free view, the camera smoothly returns to its original state.
  • Added smooth camera movement to the soldier after respawning.
  • Fixed the disappearance of building elements after an explosion by aerial bombs.

We appreciate your feedback!

Our team regularly checks the most important forum topics for your feedback, and reports back to devteam when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you'll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!

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