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Mine discussion

When introducing weapons for Enlisted, we try to make sure that you can find as many cool weapon types as possible to liven up the gameplay and still stay within the bounds of a believable depiction of war. Mines are not the least on this list and today we would like to ask you for ideas on how to improve them.

The way mines work now

As in reality, in Enlisted a mine is an explosive charge that is triggered by a detonator when the enemy comes within a certain radius (in the case of anti-personnel mines), or when heavy enough vehicles pass over the mine.

We feel that the current version of mines do not provide enough options for gameplay, and according to your feedback, they are not very effective either.

The suggestion

Add some gameplay options to mines for players caught in a trap, and make the trap more convenient and effective for those who set it.

Reduce the time it takes to set anti-personnel mines and increase their triggering radius by simulating the presence of tripwires.

Meanwhile, the new system creates a delay in the detonation of the anti-personnel mines - let's say it takes about a second for the tripwire to stretch, tear the pin out of the mine, and trigger the fuse. Moreover, some types of mines bounce before they detonate which affects the shrapnel dispersion. From the moment you hear the click, you have the opportunity to react quickly - move to the side, take cover or lie down, which increases your chances of survival.

As a result, both players win: one will have a better chance that their mine will be stepped on, and the opponent, with fast enough reaction, will be able to save their soldier's life.

As for the anti-tank mines, we also suggest speeding up their setting, but at the same time making such dangerous objects more obvious on the surface - "digging" them out of the ground a bit.


We are more than happy to hear your opinions on our suggested changes, and your ideas on how to make these weapons even more impressive in Enlisted.



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