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From December 21st 13:00 GMT until December 28th 13:00 GMT

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PC packs at 50% discount:

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Game discounts

Look out for discounts in the "Logistics" tab: Battle Pass rewards, campaign levels, and squad slots!

50% off squads for gold for PCs and consoles

  • "Battle for Moscow": PPT-27 Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Beretta M1918 Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": BA-11 Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Pz.38(t) F Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Arisaka Type 38 carbine Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": M/28 rifle Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": I-16 type 24 Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": BF 109 E-7 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": M3 field modification Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": MP 18 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": P-51 C10 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Bf 109 G-6 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Johnson M1941 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Gewehr 41 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": M24 Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Pz.III M Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": Mosin M44L rifle Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": Lebel 1886 M93 Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": M4A2 (76) W Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": Panther A Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": P-63A-10 Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": Bf 109 G-14 (with underwing Mk108 cannons) Squad

30% off squads for gold for PCs and consoles

  • "Battle for Moscow": AKT-40 Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Gewehr 41 (M) Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Valentine Squad
  • "Battle for Moscow": Pz.IV E Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": M50 Reising Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Erma EMP Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": M4A3E2 Jumbo Squad
  • "Invasion of Normandy": BF 109G-10 Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": T34-85E Squad
  • "Battle of Berlin": Pz.IV J Armored Squad
  • "Battle of Tunisia": Sten Mk III Squad
  • "Battle of Tunisia": FNAB-43 Squad
  • "Battle of Tunisia": A 13 mk2 1939 Squad
  • "Battle of Tunisia": M13 40 serie 3 Squad
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