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For Moscow, for Normandy, for bayonets!

Soldiers, it's time to upgrade your arsenal! As we promised, with the release of the major update, we've added bayonets to the game for the Moscow and Normandy campaigns’ weapons.

The Bayonet event is available from December 15th (13:00 UTC) to December 22nd (13:00 UTC)


You can find the terms of the event in the “Achievements” section.

Achieve a victory in the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns using the Allies and Axis army and receive rewards for all the 5 stages.

Weapons researched (opened in campaigns) after the release of the Armored Train update will already be equipped with bayonets in limited numbers. Weapons of the Battle for Moscow and Battle of Normandy campaigns that were already received by players before the release of this update, can be equipped with bayonets only by participating in this Bayonet event.

Event rewards

  • Battle for Moscow, Allies: M1930 bayonet and ABC 36 bayonet.
  • Battle for Moscow, Axis: SG 84/98 III bayonet.
  • Invasion of Normandy, Allies: M1905 bayonet and M4 bayonet.
  • Invasion of Normandy, Axis: SG 84/98 III bayonet.

Good luck in your battles!

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