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Vehicle armor analysis

More and more armored vehicles are appearing in Enlisted, increasing the need for a convenient tool to analyze the armor of your vehicle and the ones of your future opponents. Well, that tool will be here too!

Introducing two new mechanics for advanced analysis of armor protection and internal vehicle layouts.

Armor Analysis

In analysis mode you will be able to check the armor thickness of each independent armor plate, as well as all the parts involved in the armor penetration mechanics. Even the caterpillar track sections on your armor add to the armor's defenses, and the new mechanism will show you that.

Plus, you can point the cursor at an armor spot and see the given protection values when a shell hits that spot - that's the thickness of armor it will penetrate at a specified angle of impact.


It is not enough for a shell to penetrate armor to effectively hit an enemy tank. A good tanker and an armor aware gunner also know where exactly to shoot. The X-ray will remind you of the location of the crew and key modules inside any vehicle in Enlisted.

You'll learn not only the layout of the vehicle, but also the characteristics of its main components - if you point, for example, at the transmission or engine.

Use anti-tank rifles to knock out enemy crew members, set the fuel tanks on fire or end the life of an entire vehicle with a well-aimed round with the grenade launcher.

Learn all about the enemy!

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