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Parachutes and other new mechanics

The appearance of active terraforming in Enlisted is just one of the planned improvements to the game mechanics. We also want to impress pilots with the long-awaited ability to continue fighting even after losing a vehicle, as well as make gifts for fans of powerful guns and... heroic action?


Soon you will have the opportunity to bail from a crashing plane and repay your attackers.

The pilot's escape tool will work nice and simply: when leaving the plane in a battle zone, you can rely on a parachute that will gently lower you to the ground to continue the fight as a Trooper. And in case of jumping behind the front line of the ground battle, you will be able to appear at one of the team respawn points.

It is recommended to equip your pilot well, because the possibility of being sent behind enemy lines makes them an effective saboteur with a machine gun, a grenade and a mine.


High-powered firearms allow you to hit several soldiers in the line of fire simultaneously. In the upcoming update this feature will appear in all anti-tank rifles. It is to be expected that a bullet that can pierce a tank can easily destroy several enemy soldiers in one shot.

There is a reason to be wary of enemies with an "impressive" gun in their hands, as well as keeping an eye on the list of the most lethal weapons.

Throw yourself on the grenade

In the update, a detonated grenade can not only be thrown away, but also you can throw yourself on it, thereby significantly reducing the damage capacity of the explosion at the cost of the life of your soldier.

Very useful for saving your squad and comrades from a grenade that cannot be thrown away - say, in a closed room. You will be remembered as a hero!

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