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New missions

With more to follow in the upcoming major update, we invite you to visit the new battlegrounds we've prepared for all Enlisted campaigns.

Invasion of Normandy: Gare de Saint-Lo

While control of transportation infrastructure is of the highest strategic value, no surprise that you've been thrown into fighting for this train station and the nearby town.

The battle will take place along a railroad that runs through an industrial area, a railroad station, and a small town. Not only will there be shelters along the way for the advancing and defending forces, but there are also many convenient bypass routes, among which there are even underground tunnels — a great place to hide from armored vehicles and aircraft.

Battle for Moscow: Birch Grove (mission update)

We continue to expand our existing Enlisted locations by introducing new missions in familiar environments. Introducing Invasion mode in Birch Grove!

Welcome to a large Soviet village hidden deep within a birch grove. Dozens of such peaceful locations were encountered on the path of the advancing German forces, but war is merciless, and you will have to fight in the center of the once peaceful village on fire.

Battle of Tunisia: Oasis

You are already familiar with the architecture of Tunisia, but you have not yet faced its endless deserts where for miles you might not find a single soul. We will introduce you to one of such places.

Welcome to Oasis, a small patch of coolness near which the battle unfolds, which differs tactically from the usual missions of this campaign. In such places you can only count on cramped villages and encampments of the locals.

Even assuming you think you know your enemy, you'll never know the plans of an insidious sandstorm that might start at any moment and blind both armies. Don't get lost and be ready for surprises!

Battle of Berlin

And this update is worthy of its own news! We'll bring you more details soon about the exciting new features that await you in Berlin. Don't miss it.

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