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Reinforcements for Enlisted: new campaign levels

Another major update is coming, and in addition to many new mechanics and missions, it will bring new squads, weapons and vehicles to all Enlisted campaigns. With these, we begin a series of developer diaries. Talking about the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Moscow.

The Invasion of Normandy Reinforcements

4th Infantry division 12th Infantry Regiment and 243rd Infantry division 922nd Grenadier Regiment | level 33 (Troopers III)

M1 Garand

Fighting in France players will receive new squads armed with the familiar M1 Garand (Allies) and Kar98k rifles (Axis) with one major improvement - the cup-type rifle grenade launcher with shaped-charge grenades that allow you to hit weak points on armored vehicles! Of course, extremely effective against infantry as well.

P-51D-5 and Me.410 A1/U2 | level 34 (fighter and attacker)

Me.410 A1/U2
Me.410 A1/U2

With bombs and rockets! A new modification of the P-51D-5 Mustang in the class with two 500 pound bombs. Plus another famous heavyweight, the Me.410 A1/U2, with powerful directional armament and four missiles against particularly stubborn ground units.

Premium tanks: Churchill III and StuG III G | +100% experience bonus

Churchill III
Churchill III

The nearly indestructible Churchill is a British infantry tank with reliable armor and a 57mm 6pdr Ordnance QF Mk.V cannon, the velocity of which is especially useful for total destruction of enemies.

It will be opposed by the StuG III G tank destroyer with the 75mm StuK40 L48 cannon, which is dangerous both for armored vehicles and infantry. But the most notable advantage of the vehicle is mobility. Even if you have no turret, you'll be able to aim quickly and find yourself in the right part of the front without falling behind the allied forces.

Your vehicles come with a fully trained crew with optimally suited abilities. Can be purchased for Gold.

The Battle for Moscow Reinforcements

251st Infantry Division 927th infantry Regiment and 251st Infantry Division 459th Infantry Regiment | level 33 (Flametroopers II)

Flammenwerfer 35
Flammenwerfer 41

Not only are this level's soldiers more resistant, but they are also armed with longer-range flamethrowers than your previous squads. They run out of ammunition faster, but thanks to their increased effective range, these guys can be even used outdoors.

T-28E (126th Tank Brigade 126th Tank Regiment) and Pz.IV F1 (19th Panzer Division 27th Panzer Regiment) | level 34 (Tankers III)

Pz.IV F1
Pz.IV F1

These more experienced Tankers are noticeably faster in changing gears for better mobility, and their upgraded T-28E and Pz.IV F1 have increased armor protection. The T-28's main turret, machine gun turret, and driver's seat are now shielded, and its ammunition is updated with a new lethal APHE that replaces the outdated Shrapnel. Pz.IV F1 received heavier vertical front plates and a turret lid. Overall, the extra 20-30 mm of armor is a very useful bonus.

Premium squads: 2nd Guards Infantry Corps 75th Marine Infantry Brigade and 183rd Infantry Division 343rd Infantry Regiment | +100% Experience Bonus! (Gunner)

Lewis gun

Known to you as the Chernye bushlaty, Soviet gunners with gifts from Great Britain - Lewis machine guns, and German gunners with the MG-13 equipped with a drum magazine. The ammunition is a joy: 47 rounds in the Lewis and 75 rounds in the MG-13.

Also, squads don't just consist of 4 gunners. They include an engineer, which will greatly enhance your tactical capabilities!

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