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Modern conflict event

Commanders, we are pleased to present you with another direction in which the new mechanism of in-game "Events" will evolve: entertaining battles that can go beyond the battles of Enlisted that you know.

This time, you will find yourself in the times of modern military conflicts with the use of powerful weapons and advanced vehicles from our time. Welcome to the epicenter of "Modern conflict"!

The Modern conflict event will be available from November 18th (15:00 UTC) until November 25th (15:00 UTC)

Party forces

In this event, you will get pre-assembled assault and sniper squads under your command, as well as be able to engage in combat in modern armored vehicles.

Among the available weapons will be both authentic models from your nation, as well as a wide range of commonly available weapons from all corners of the modern world, such as the M4A1 carbine.

Two of the most famous models of modern tank building, the M1A1 HC and the T-80U, cover the infantry with their powerful armor and can reduce the number of enemy troops in a single shelter to zero. The 120mm and 125mm high-explosive shells are extremely powerful - take advantage of that!

Event Features

Dynamic battles await you in the familiar missions of the Battle of Tunisia Campaign. In addition to weapons, each squad has a pair of sapper shovels available for digging barriers and trenches.


This is an entertaining event with nice rewards for participation:

  • 1 Silver Soldier Order for 1 battle played in the event
  • 1 Silver Weapon Order for 3 wins in battles of the event

No experience points are awarded in this event.

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