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More Silver Orders!

With the change in the mechanics of getting new soldiers, silver orders have begun to play a more significant role in your army budget, but you could only get them in daily rewards and by unlocking Battle Pass stages. You asked us to add alternative ways to get orders and increase their total number.

In a future update, simultaneously with the release of the updated weapon improvement mechanics: silver orders for experience earned in battles and as part of the free Battle Pass rewards!

For Experience

In the same way as you get bronze orders, you'll be able to get silver orders. And not just for soldiers, but for weapons as well.

Every 25,000 experience gives you a silver weapon order.

Every 50,000 experience gives you a silver order for a soldier.

The figures may seem high, but unlike the bronze orders, which you spend on firearms, first-aid kits, grenades, mines and other equipment, silver orders require very little to assemble a combat-ready army.

In addition, the appearance of weapon orders for experience is a step in preparation for the planned change of the weapons improvement mechanics, where it will no longer be necessary to fill the warehouse with dozens of copies of the same weapon and disassemble them for parts.

Silver orders for experience will appear in the game at the same time as the release of the new weapons improvement mechanics. Your existing weapon parts will be exchanged for bronze weapon orders. Stay tuned!

In the Battle Pass

More specifically, in the free part of the Battle Pass after the 60th stage, we have added stages with silver soldier and weapon orders. These are available now!

We wish your army to grow and do well, soldiers.

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