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Update ( - Playstation, Xbox)

In this update we introduce an important component of new soldier training mechanics: now you can "send unnecessary fighters to the rear" and get Bronze orders for it. We also continue to develop custom missions that can now be accessed directly from the battle mode selection menu, and the missions themselves have the ability to save presets of room settings, so that you do not waste time creating battles next time.

AI-soldiers have been trained to throw grenades more accurately, use trenches, and can now even mine a target in the Destruction mode on their own - just give the order. In addition, AI-soldiers have learned to overcome complex obstacles better.

More variation for Invasion Mode! We're starting to add variations to existing missions with the attackers moving in reverse order, marking them with the direction of attack: north, south, and so on. Get started exploring the new routes! 

Check out the full list of changes, with more to come.


Locations and Missions

  • Added a new Quarry North (Invasion) mission to the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Added a new Le Bre North (Invasion) mission to the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added a new Al Jabal Farm North (Invasion) mission to the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added a new Köningsplatz East (Invasion) mission to the Battle of Berlin campaign.

Custom matches

  • Added previously lacking missions to the list of available custom matches.
  • Now you can get to the custom match window through the game mode change menu.
  • Added a "Back" button to the custom match window at your request.
  • Completely full rooms are now also displayed in the list.
  • Added saving settings preset for the created room.
  • Missions in the Room Creation Menu are now sorted by type.

Squads and AI-soldiers

  • Added a mechanism for receiving Bronze Soldier Orders when sending active soldiers to the rear. The number of received orders depends on the class and rank of a soldier.
  • Improved accuracy of AI-soldiers when attacking enemy armored vehicles with grenades: now the grenades will not fly over the target.
  • Fixed an error that caused AI-soldiers to refuse to leave the shelter and follow the order "to take places in the vehicles" or to get into the vehicles together with their commander.
  • The AI-soldiers now have a better way to overcome difficult obstacles: they can jump on the obstacles and climb over them.
  • AI-soldiers now interact with trenches even better: they will more often choose them for shelter and movement instead of bypassing them.
  • The distance at which AI-soldiers prefer to engage in close combat has been reduced from 3 meters to 1.
  • You can now order soldiers to mine the target in Destruction mode. Aim at the target to mine and press the "Squad Context Order" button. You can also give an order by selecting a specific squad member.
  • The rear passenger of a motorcycle can now fire a personal weapon.

Weaponry and equipment

  • Replaced the Bren Mk I model with an authentic one.
  • Added new equipment and uniforms to some British and Italian soldiers.
  • You can now buy more than one sabre or cavalry sword per nation in any campaign. For example, the collectible edged weapons of Operation Fire November.

Graphics and Interface

  • Marked vehicles are now highlighted with their unique icons: car, boat, motorcycle, anti aircraft gun, anti-tank gun and tank. Allied equipment is also displayed with icons on the minicard.
  • Allied soldiers in a boat now have markers displayed above them, just like any other exposed vehicles.
  • Improved the effect of hot air on the ground in the Battle of Tunisia campaign locations.
  • Minor improvement of water reflection.
  • Added gamma for all platforms and video modes. Gamma correction is now applied in real time.
  • Removed display of the selected soldier and dead soldiers of a squad from the radial menu of choice of the soldier on consoles.
  • Added effect of fire-damaged soldier models.
  • Improved animation of grenade dropping at high pings.
  • Removed screen resolutions from settings with non-monitor-matching aspect ratio.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a possibility to control two soldiers at the same time in some situations.
  • Pz.IV H, M13/40, M14/41, M4A2 (76) W, T-28, T-38-85 (D-5T) - fixed commander's position in the tank hatch that caused graphic artifacts.
  • 500 lb ANM-64A Bomb - changed explosive type from TNT to Comp B, also changed explosive quantity from 121.1 kg to 124.2 kg (source: TM 9-1325-200, Bombs and Bomb Components (1966))
  • Fixed a bug that caused the commander's machine gun interface to remain on when returning to the combat compartment when the commander was out of the hatch.
  • Fixed incorrect display of rate of fire of PTRD 41 - now the actual rate of fire is limited by the reload rate.
  • Fixed splash sizes when firing small-caliber tank machine guns over water.
  • Improved visual display of injuries and wounds.
  • Fixed de-synchronization of gunner's crosshairs and vignettes when turning on the sight in the Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer IV/70A and Panzer IV/70A "106" tanks.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Enlisted is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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