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21 August 2018

Soldiers! We would like to present to you an updated Roadmap, where we will tell you about the goals we reached from the first version of the Enlisted Roadmap (posted on 17 June 2017), as well as talk about our plans, in detail, for every section.


Make grenade behavior predictable and synchronized across the network.

Almost all the objectives concerning grenades have been completed: their position is synchronized for all players, their physics are realistic and predictable, and they also destroy in-game objects upon exploding. All that’s left to do is to add corresponding loadout options and various grenade types, like HE and smoke. The effect of breaking glass from a thrown grenade also needs to be implemented.

Item drops

Add the ability to use items found in combat (like ammo, weapons, and grenades), like loot taken from a killed enemy, for example.​

Item drops have been implemented. You can already see this mechanic in Cuisine Royale. However, this mechanic has not been enabled in the primary mode of Enlisted yet. The feature requires further tweaking because Enlisted is significantly greater in its scale – dozens of virtual soldiers fall every minute of the game.


Add an inventory enabling players to quick-switch weapons by pressing hotkeys and place additional weapons (grenades) in the backpack.

We’ve implemented almost all the features we originally set out to. We just need to address a number of small, technical, item-related issues, which will allow us to improve items faster.

Character skills

Add skills that will affect a character’s combat abilities (running speed, breath-hold time, stamina, etc.).​

Character skills have only been partially implemented and do not affect the main gameplay as of now. We are planning to work on this feature sometime closer to the alpha testing phase.

Test location

Create a test location.​

Right now, we are using the “Invasion of Normandy” map to test the game’s primary mechanics and gameplay. On the 1st of April, we showcased a large map also created in a Normandy style. In the future, we will use other locations for testing. These will include “Tunisia” and “The Battle for Moscow.” We are currently working on these.

Improved landscape editor

Improve the current landscape editor, which will allow us to alter missions and maps quickly.​

We are constantly working on the technology enabling us to quickly produce beautiful landscape layouts that would cater to some interesting combat situations. We can already make the landscape at a faster pace and without experiencing as many issues at junction points between objects and landscape. We can also make the map and location displays for the game interface automatically.

Network-friendly ECS framework for gameplay logic

Transfer the entire network code inside the ECS (Entity Component System) to speed up the development process and iterations.​

We’ve made a great number of serious changes to our ECS framework in order to speed up further development. This will allow us to develop the project at a faster pace, as well as create new features without spending as much effort as before. At the moment, we are implementing additional changes that will enable us to enhance performance and make the development process more straightforward.

Network-synchronizable physical objects

Add an interactive environment to the game. The game must run even on a low-bandwidth Internet connection. Find our own solution or an efficient hybrid system consisting of known approaches.​

We are still doing the core work on this.

Combat and network solution tests

Perform a “beta test.” Collect and analyze the data.​

Since posting the Roadmap, we’ve performed three closed tests, as well as one open test on the 1st of April. We received lots of valuable feedback from players and made corresponding changes to our priorities and the game features. We also launched Cuisine Royale, which enabled us to find plenty of bugs and make significant improvements to the game, including those in the online department.

Game controls

Add the option enabling players to bind actions to certain buttons based on the vehicle they are controlling.​

You can already set up game controls in the menu. There are just a few things left to do in the controls department, which will make the gameplay better and the controls settings more simple and straightforward.

Stress tests

We plan on performing several stress tests to evaluate the potential server loads and the general infrastructure. The majority of these stress tests will use different AI scripting.

We haven’t done any work on this yet.


Add voice chat so that platoon members can coordinate their actions.​

We’ve added a voice chat to the game loader shell. Now we are working on enabling player access during actual gameplay.

Dynamic decals

Blood and dirt should appear on surfaces when required.​

We’ve added blood trails for objects, but we also plan on doing more work on dynamic decals.

Stationary guns

Add stationary guns that can be used as a means of fortification defense, as well as for triggering combat situations typical of WWII.​

We’ve added stationary guns and they are already usable in the game. However, there’s still a small amount of work that needs to be done before the stationary guns are considered finished. The main enhancements will be geared towards the controls and limiting aiming angles.

Melee weapons

Add various kinds of melee weapons, from the bayonet and ranging all the way to the shovel.​

Melee weapons are already usable in the game, but there are still tasks that must be completed for this section. They will be primarily related to animation improvements, “finishers,” and making aiming at the enemy easier and more intuitive.

Customizable weapons

Add weapon customization options like bayonets, sights, etc.​

You can already install optical sights on the game’s weapons. We are planning on adding other weapon customization options once we begin working on the meta game.

Customizable equipment

Some equipment items must have an impact on combat effectiveness. For example, getting rid of the backpack will increase player mobility but also reduce the inventory size in return. Or choosing to equip the grenade webbing instead of the usual ammo one will allow players to carry more grenades with them.​

Just as in the case with customizable weapons, we’ve only completed a part of the set tasks for now. We are yet to make the characters who can be used as a base for equipping the gear, and we still need to work through the complete list of equipment items and their effects on character stats and abilities.


Create various kinds of bunkers that the players will be able to use for cover or as firing points.

We have completely reworked the bunkers. Now we use them as capture points for primary gameplay on a regular basis.

Farm and city infrastructure objects

Create handmade terrain elements, including fences, road signs, signboards, agricultural machinery, cars, etc.​

We’ve significantly expanded our assemblage of objects of infrastructure, meaning that cities and towns have a much more natural look to them now.

Building interiors

Create realistic interior with furniture characteristic of that era.

We’ve added a large number of furniture pieces and interior elements so that the game’s houses look like real houses; houses where people used to live.

Improved outer appearance of buildings

We would like to add extra detail to the game’s buildings to make them look even better. We will add signs, posters, flower pots, and other items.​

The work for this section has only been completed partially. We’ve put signs, ivy and “ads” on the buildings.

Interactable doors

Add openable doors.​

We’ve made openable doors, windows, and attic hatches. Now the world of the game has become even more realistic and interactable.

Breakable objects

Add breakable objects like windows, doors, boxes, and barrels.​

We’ve created the majority of the objects breakable. If you see a table or a door, rest assured – you can definitely break them. There are still some bugs related to destruction that require fixing, but we can already say with complete confidence that the majority of objects in Enlisted are destructible.

More vegetation types

Add more types of trees, shrubs, grass, and other kinds of vegetation.​

We’ve significantly expanded the list of vegetation types, and now the world of the game looks far more realistic.

More terrain types

Improve towns, villages, fields, and forests. Add the following new terrain types: swamps, dunes, and scorched fields.​

We’ve already completed some of the tasks regarding the terrain: we’ve improved fields and forests, and we’ve added scorched fields. However, there’s still some work left to do in this department, which will later on enable us to make more varied kinds of maps.

Terrain detail

Add boulders, branches, building debris, and other waste where appropriate in order to increase the level of detail.​

We’ve added debris from destroyed buildings, but we’re not done with all the tasks we’ve set out to complete just yet.

Visual attraction points

Add visually attractive and recognizable objects/locations for better visuals and to make navigation easier.​

We haven’t completed all our objectives in this department, but a lot of work has been done nonetheless. The unique objects/locations we’ve introduced to the game include destroyed combat vehicles, windmills, and a church. However, we still need to add more variety to these reference points.


Create a tool that will provide a convenient and fast means to add a river to the map. Work on the swimming physics.​

We’ve implemented the swimming physics but haven’t added any rivers to the maps yet. There is, however, a river on the Normandy map, which you’ll be able to see if you play Cuisine Royale. We also still have some work to do on the swimming animation and physics.

Military infrastructure objects

Add lots of military infrastructure objects to create the feel of active combat taking place in the area. The objects should include trenches, sandbags, barbed wire, and other fortifications.​

We’ve completed all the tasks we’d set out to do for this section. We will add new objects if required.

More weapons

Add more weapons to the game that will include some of the most notable models of the war. These should range from revolvers and pistols to massive machine guns and unusual rare models.​

As of now, we’ve already added 32 kinds of firearms to the game, and we will keep adding more models over time. The current arsenal is already enough to test all the weapon-related features and mechanics. We are only missing specific weapon kinds like flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and mortars. In the future, we will also do extra work on how weapons interact with the environment. We will add the ability to peek with a weapon from a window and to place a weapon on a rest. We will also improve the mechanics of putting your weapon away.

Improved weapon animations

Create animations for a large variety of weapons. Create easy-to-use tools to speed up the process.​

We’ve implemented inverse character kinematics to make adding new weapons to the game an easier task.

Improved character animations

Improve character animations and model rigging.​

We have improved the way the models are bound to their skeletons. Now it’s practically impossible to spot any issues in the various animations that make the character act unnaturally. We are still working on character animations, and we’ve already progressed quite far in this department as well.

More equipment

Add as many items as possible, which will ensure greater gameplay diversity for players. These should range from simple items, such as a backpack and ammo webbings, to something more complex, like sapper spades, machine gun bipods, and sights.​

Some of these items, like the backpacks, flasks, and combat helmets, are already in the game. However, there are lots of things that still need to be added.

As soon as we complete any of them or reach an important stage, we will share the results in detail in social media.

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