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Making Enlisted a Better Place №2

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a particular aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, where we fix bugs or add interesting features.

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.

Keeping up with improvements to Engineers and fixing other bugs

We have a lot of ideas about how to add more depth to various soldier classes, but before we do we want to give Engineers a few more long-awaited improvements that will definitely benefit your entire team. You all really requested these changes - so we're introducing them.

More ammo in your guns!

You got that right. Engineers can now resupply their anti-tank cannons and anti-aircraft guns at the cost of construction resources.

Pick up your handy construction hammer and point it at the gun for a hint about replenishing its ammunition. A full supply of ammo will cost 50% of the resources required to build the gun.

Fixing the machine gun

One of the Engineer's most fearsome but vulnerable structures is the machine gun nest. This rapid fire death machine can be destroyed by just one well-aimed hit to the machine gun itself, forcing you to take the structure apart and build it all over again, which will take some time.

That's the way it used to be. Now the machine gun in the nest can be rebuilt by the same principle as replenishing the ammunition for cannons - with hammer in hand and the will to spend 50% of the price of the building. After a few seconds the enemy is back in your sights!

Improved builds

Building sandbags, barbed wire, and other defensive structures could previously be difficult around doorways and windows. We have corrected the Engineer's interaction with such structures and their construction has now become much easier around these areas. Try it yourself.

If a motorcycle rolls over...

...your soldiers will not die, but they will no longer be able to sit in the motorcycle. Soldiers will now automatically exit their motorcycle if it rolls over and can no longer be operated.

Improved collisions

Being badly injured is familiar to every soldier and is definitely a better outcome than dying instantly. For this installment, we've worked on the camera so it doesn't fall outside of objects and the whole process of being in a tight space looks better overall... much as possible.

Other changes

  • Corrected problem when picking up weapons from corpses.
  • PzB-38, PzB 39, Boys ATR, PTRD 41, PTRS-41 now lose damage slower with increasing distance. Damage on armor penetration at the armor penetration limit is significantly increased, the defeat of crew members is achieved with 1-2 direct hits.
  • PTRD 41 — armor penetration decreased from 45 to 40, damage decreased from 200 to 150 (now it corresponds with the same values of PTRS).
  • Fixed icon of Ross rifle in the Logistics.
  • Fixed bug when ability for running speed didn't appear in the list of possible abilities for Gunner class.

We appreciate your feedback!

Our team regularly checks the most important forum topics for your feedback, and reports back to devteam when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you'll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!

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