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Weapons tuning

Soldiers! We are currently finalizing a small update which will cause some of the previously lowered accuracy for bolt action rifles to return. In this devblog, we will first explain why the changes were initially made, and what our plans are in terms of weapons tuning in the future. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a game where each and every weapon model has clear advantages and disadvantages in different tactical combinations, taking into consideration maps, missions, squad and soldier specializations, player skill, and preferences. 

So, by tuning the behavior of all weapons in the game, we aim to continue making the game interesting and diverse without compromising realism and balance. 


As you may have noticed, we recently lowered the accuracy of bolt-action rifles. This change was implemented in consideration of their real performance on the battlefield: during times of war, most sniper rifles were chosen by sorting out hundreds of regular bolt action rifles to find those with the best performance. The majority of those rifles which remained had different issues which caused bullet spread, though still, they usually behaved better than semi-auto rifles and automatic weapons. 

Nevertheless, after analyzing your battles following that update, we saw that the changes may have been a little too drastic, and so, we are now returning most of that original accuracy back to bolt action rifles and LMGs with light magazines. On the other hand, we consider the accuracy changes that were made to semi-auto and heavier LMGs were more appropriate, though some uptuning will be done there as well. 

Future plans

When shooting in Enlisted, weapons portray a ‘random’ recoil set of behaviours within a given set of parameters of a weapon. Currently, we are considering implementing a set of ‘patterned’ recoil behaviors instead. This will make each weapon model more unique in terms of handling, and more interesting when it comes to learning and mastering. 

During these changes, we will continue to monitor your stats and feedback to decide the best direction and future for the development of weapons in-game.

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