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Daily rewards

We are happy to present a new game mechanic to reward those Enlisted commanders who play regularly. 

Daily rewards will be given out every day at the time you first login. They will range from experience boosters to bronze, silver and even golden logistics orders for troops, weapons and vehicles! 

Experience boosters are activated immediately and logistics orders are attached to one of the battle tasks of the day. So, finish that particular task to pick up the reward. 

Every fifth daily login the player may receive an improved reward, and every fifteenth, a golden order for troops, weapons and vehicles!

Days to skip

If you miss logging into the game on a particular day, it does not necessarily mean you will lose all your progress!

A missed day will set your progress back by only one day. Two missed days in a row will set your progress back to the last improved reward that you obtained. Only if you miss three or more days in a row will your reward progress reset to day 1. 

Improved rewards that have already been obtained can not be received again if you fail to login on some days and your progress is set back/reset.

Types of rewards

Currently you can receive: 

  • XP booster, 50%-300%
  • Bronze orders for troops and weapons
  • Silver orders for troops and weapons
  • Golden orders for troops, weapons, and vehicles!

Naturally, we will keep improving the reward tree over time and will be glad to see you obtaining your Enlisted rewards every day!

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