Enlisted: a new test!

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1 June 2018

Greetings, soldier!

We continue to develop Enlisted and we are ready to tell you about our progress and at the same time, would like to invite you to test them yourself. Invites to the new closed test sessions have already been sent to all  players who supported the development as well as to some players who applied to join the test.

You will find all instructions and information in the e-mail! 
Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t received an invitation. We invite new participants on a regular basis.  

This month we have been actively developing the game and we can already show you the improved physics of our soldiers’ motion and the new weapon interaction animation.

 Inverse kinematics have been implemented, thanks to which the player character holds the weapon more naturally especially during aiming up and down​

For better team coordination we have added a compass. We have also focused on interaction with the environment and improved hit detection - this is especially important for a realistic game. For those who like gaining various achievements, you will see new rewards.
We continue to improve the graphics: now sunlight will also illuminate places where direct sunbeams never reach, but are reflected from the environment as in real life. New bunkers, mud and puddles are now present on maps and this will bring even greater immersion.

New bunkers​ Mud and puddles have been added​
  • New bunkers in locations;
  • Inverse kinematics have been implemented, thanks to which the player character holds the weapon more naturally especially during aiming up and down;
  • Improved physics for soldier motion;
  • Improved interaction with the environment when crawling;
  • Visuals of destroyed machine guns has been fixed for players who join the game mid-session;
  • The following rewards have been added: suppressing fire, distant kill, capture point, double-, triple- and multi- kill, headshot;
  • Compass has been added to the interface;
  • Visual effect of hitting a stationary machine gun has been fixed;
  • Mission time added to the debriefing;
  • An option to remove ammo from weapons in the inventory has been added;
  • Capture points in buildings now incorporate the complete building;
  • A bug where bots could not kill an enemy who is lying on the ground in a melee fight has been fixed;
  • Grenade initial rotation has been added;
  • Damage received from falling has been fixed;
  • Interaction with destroyed objects clientside that caused desync has been fixed;
  • An option to select character from the next squad on respawn has been added;
  • Hit detection improved;
  • Procedural animation of the character model (ragdoll) after death has been improved;
  • Soldiers will now express reaction when they hit an enemy;
  • Mud and puddles have been added;
  • Illumination has been improved;
  • New destroyed buildings.


See you in the Enlisted test, soldier!




We are looking forward to your feedback. Also if you experience bugs, please send a report.


All news concerning updates and changes of the test will be published in the Enlisted Discord channel. Also follow the development in our Social Media: Facebook and Twitter.